The Economy is Set to Thrive as Long as Biden Stays Away


    The economy is on everyone’s mind. They want to know what it is going to look like if there is a presidential switch ahead. President Trump set the country on a path to greatness as long as there is nothing changed. The liberals are dying to sink their teeth into changing what the president had fixed for the nation’s overall health. And once again, they are trying to use COVID-19 as their cover to socialize the nation.

    The economy during the pandemic took a beating. Many people thought that the greatest nation on the planet was going under. But the strengthening of the American economy before the pandemic allowed the nation to weather the storm. It was possible because President Trump worked for the people and not his agenda like the Democrats like to do.

    The president’s methods of running the economy were that of a conservative businessman. He knew that the red tape from the Obama administration had to come down. He knew that the nation needed to be deregulated to jump-start the economy. COVID-19 would have destroyed the country had not the president took steps to make it great again.

    Joe Biden seeks to regulate everything to death. He wants to turn America back in time to the Obama era. He wants to kill off the oil industry, which would nearly shutdown American transportation and the natural resource industry. This would kill off millions of jobs and make America poor again.

    President Trump grew the job base by the millions. COVID-19 took away millions, but the president’s pandemic policies added them all back plus some. President Trump knew that the economy would need stimulus money. The Democrats fought him all the way on it, and now it seems that that money will not be provided as the liberals seek it for themselves.

    Joe Biden will never be able to take credit for the growth that is happening post-COVID. He will not be able to make claims that the Democrats are the reason why things are turning around. President Trump did all of the work and will receive the credit for the country rolling to success and victory in the years to come.

    The economy is roaring, and the stock market is fully recovered. The damage that COVID-19 did to the market has all but disappeared. However, that success is mainly in part to the changes that President Trump made to economics. He made it possible for people to keep more of their money by lower taxes. This allowed them to invest that money into the stock, which helped the market increase.

    The budget of America is being hit hard because of COVID-19. But it will be nothing like what will happen if socialist Biden enacts his green deal. The budget will inflate to the point that bankruptcy is the only option. The $27 trillion debt will only balloon to ten times that amount in the next few years.

    The economy of the United States is on the path to greatness. It is recovering from the pandemic and the stress that it has been under. All of the recovery is directly related to the policies and tax cuts that the president has allowed to take place.

    Any interference by a Democrat will halt any recovery and start to destroy the United States’ economy. Any major changes to it before it has recovered will put it on a path to relapse. Things must remain the way they are to ensure a full recovery.

    The Economy is Set to Thrive as Long as Biden Stays AwayNo one likes to live in a sick nation. But things will get worse if Democrats intervene and start to mess things up. The Republicans are the frontline defenders of America’s greatness. President Trump and the rest deserve massive support and recognition for the work they have done for the past four years.


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