President Trump’s America is Safe and Prosperous for All People


    President Trump is the only one qualified to serve as president for the next four years. He has led the nation through one of the most challenging years in the past several decades. The pandemic, liberal riots, fake trials, and now voter fraud by the Democrats have nearly divided a nation. But he has led and worked through it all. The country is still better off than it ever was four years ago.

    People are tired of playground politics. They wanted a man in 2016 to stand up to the corrupted Democrats and put real power behind being an American. He recently stated that the voter now has a choice. They can “continue the record of prosperity that my administration delivered or return to the old Washington status quo, where Beltway insiders enriched themselves at the expense of hardworking Americans across the country.”

    Joe Biden and his group of power-hungry liberals want to take safety, prosperity, and opportunity for all Americans and throwing all away. He wants to subject the majority to a reign of terror that has not been seen since the days of Hitler and the terror he poured out on Europe.

    The Democrats trying to beat up the president do not deserve to have their way with the country’s future. President Trump pointed out that eight years of Obama was enough to make anyone sick to their stomach. He maintains that the country needs eight years of growth and prosperity to forget the pain of the past.

    The nation has seen 7 million new jobs added to the economy. Five hundred thousand of them were in manufacturing. And 6.6 million people are out of the poverty class. Biden’s plan seeks to push those people back to where he thinks they belong.

    The president stated that “My administration’s policies put America in a position to recover quickly from the unforeseen and unprecedented pandemic from China. Despite the challenges presented by the China virus, we did all we could to help see hardworking Americans through these difficult times.”

    He stated that everyone worked together to bring America through the pandemic. Biden blames the president for things that have not happened. He sees Democrats as the only ones that are worthy of being mentioned. At the same time, the president sees everyone that is legally a citizen as an American.

    He pointed out with clarity that “As a result of our efforts and the tremendous momentum of the pre-pandemic economy, we’re witnessing the fastest labor market recovery from an economic crisis in history. The American economy grew at an annualized rate of 33.1 percent in the third quarter, another example of the economy beating expectations under my leadership. This is a new record for quarterly economic growth and is nearly double the previous record set 70 years ago.”

    Americans lost millions of jobs when the China virus hit. But since that time, that has all but been erased. There is no denying that the country’s plan saved America from destruction during the pandemic times.

    The greatest enemy facing the country today is the Democratic Party. Biden seeks to indebt the nation by trillions of dollars to plans that are not economically sustainable. He is already planning on a $4 trillion rise in taxes. This will kill off any recovery and future growth for decades to come. He alone will be credited with the destruction of America.

    The president stated that “As president, I pledge to safeguard the progress my administration has made over the past four years and build on our historic success for as long as I am in the White House. I will continue doing everything in my power to ensure that this great country prospers like never before.”

    His promise to keep making America great is trustworthy. Every promise he made in 2016 was done, and it makes the county great. The plan he has now for the nation involves strengthening the foundation and putting America on a path that will not be easy to get off in the future. Running a country is not about one person. It involves all the people working together for the greater good.



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