Dystopia Now: Is 2020 the New 1984?


    Dystopia Now: Is 2020 the New 1984?

    Totalitarian government. Groupthink. Propaganda as religion. The Radical Left wants to make 2020 the new 1984.

    Only a crushing defeat will stop the extreme agenda of the Radical Left from coming to fruition. If patriots don’t stand up for the United States and the Constitution now, one could wake up in 2020 with a 25-seat Supreme Court bursting at the seams with Left-Wing Socialists who will decree transgender reassignment surgery mandatory and help usher in the government takeover of our lives with the Green New Deal.

    Part of the Radical Left’s plan for radical transformation of our country would be the eradication of some of our most important and long-standing institutions: a nine-justice Supreme Court (151 years), the Electoral College (233 years), the Senate filibuster (170 years), or a 50-state Union (60 years).

    Are you ready for the Radical Left to use their human puppet Sleepy Joe Biden as a trojan horse for their ploy to make Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. states, thereby adding four more Democrat U.S. senators and locking in a U.S. Senate Majority for generations, serving as a rubber stamp for their totalitarian communist agenda?

    In 2020, the Brave New World of propaganda ushered in by the Radical Left makes the Doublespeak of George Orwell’s 1984 looks like Little League t-ball. In 2020, the left-wing is vying to make “up” equal “down” and “wrong” equal “right.” U.S. patriots who call for sensible immigration reform and for halting the flood of criminal illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border are called “racists.” The nuclear family of a husband, wife, and two kids is called “oppressive.” The legal system that keeps America fair and peaceful is called “structurally racist.” The U.S. Constitution is called “broken” and should be “ripped to shreds.” America’s founding is called “racist.” America’s founding fathers are called “racist.” God is “racist.” Anyone who disagrees with Left-Wing talking points is called “racist.” In fact, pretty much everything is “racist” according to the rabid neo-Marxist Social Justice Warriors of the Radical Left.

    The atheist Left has no religion but that of their own propaganda, which they spout ceaselessly and believe fully.

    One Nation, Under the Heel of Government, is the new motto of the “progressive” socialists ascendant in the modern Democratic Party in 2020. We have seen liberal governors in states such as Michigan, New York, and California crush small businesses and hold their people hostage with endless lockdowns. They don’t care about public safety, they only care about crushing dissent and accumulating more power.

    “Believe in Science” – except when there are violent mobs and protestors not wearing masks. When President Trump holds a rally for devoted supporters, Fake News Media such as CNN call the rallies “super-spreader events.” But when ANTIFA thugs rob a New York City Macy’s department store or mask-less mobs burn cities and attack innocent people on the street, CNN exhorts us to “Believe in Science.” This definition of “science” is no longer the same “science” rooted in the scientific method and intellectual rigor that Issac Newtown and Albert Einstein knew. The new and improved “science” of Radical Left is made up on the fly according to the whims of the mob and frantically validated by the MSM, who then declares every fact racist that intrudes on the new fabricated “reality.”

    In 2020, there is only one “correct” opinion and it’s constantly shifting, which is part of the point: If there is no stable and mutually agreed upon truth in a society then everything is up for grabs. Suddenly overnight, U.S. History class has been relabeled “Gender History” class, indoctrinating our kids with left-wing pseudoscientific claptrap that there are 157 varieties of genders (that’s 100 more than Heinz ketchup) and that it’s up to impressionable 6-year old kids who are awash in Radical Left propaganda to decide if they are a Transgender Alien or not. And if the parents protest? You guessed it: RACIST!

    1984? Try 2020.


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