Choose Your Own Propaganda: When the Media Believes Its Own Lies


    If you are a parent or child of the 1980s or 1990s, chances are that you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Originally created for 7- to 14-year-olds, the children’s fiction book series allows readers to chart the path of the main character in each book by picking a series of options, with each choice adding up to lead to a variety of different story endings.

    It seems as though the bankrupt mainstream media in the United States has taken this children’s book concept literally and are attempting to create and live in a fantasy world of their own choosing. The Fake News Media is so drunk on its own Kool-Aid that it not only believes its own lies but refuses to acknowledge that any alternative reality exists beyond their fantasy fever dreams.

    Let’s start with polls: the polls were wrong in 2016. The polls were EVEN MORE WRONG in 2020. Ridiculous polls in states such as Florida showed Geriatric Joe Biden up 10-15 points; meanwhile, back in the reality-based world, President Donald J. Trump won Florida decisively by 3 to 4 points. The professional liars at CNN screamed and bellowed that Ohio and Iowa were going go blue on Election Day, heckling and shouting down anyone who questioned their received wisdom; meanwhile, back in the reality-based world, President Donald J. Trump trounced pathetic Joe Biden in both states with embarrassing margins of victory. The Fake News Media predicted an imminent blood bath and a blue tidal wave that would sweep out Republicans across the country; meanwhile, back in the reality-based world, the GOP added U.S. House seats, looks set to retain control of the U.S. Senate and held on to key state legislatures.

    When the media believes its own propaganda, it is not only bad for the news business, as they detonate their last tatters of credibility, but it is bad for the country. The media were CONVINCED that the American people HATED President Trump just as much as they did. What the U.S. “news” media failed to do, however, was look into a mirror and see that they are perverts and frauds with a radical left neo-Marxist agenda that every day Americans would resoundingly reject. The fraudsters at CNN have fed on their own poisonous hot garbage for too long and are now developing tumors impeding their judgment. The Fake News Media thinks Americans want a socialist government like Cuba; meanwhile, back in the reality-based world, America remains a solidly center-right nation and rejected socialism across the board.

    After making a historic hash of both the 2016 and 2020 elections, all of the U.S. national news media should either be fired or resign immediately. The media has been so desperate to believe its own lies that it has now rendered itself as utterly irrelevant. The New York Times was once the “paper of record,” with the “final word” on the facts regarding the nation’s affairs. Today, the New York Times has been reduced to a socialist propaganda rag that is run more like woke SJW student paper at Oberlin College than the newspaper in the U.S. with the largest circulation.

    The fact is that we NEED accurate sources of news in our country. American citizens and our representatives need accurate information about domestic and foreign policy matters and events so that we can make informed decisions that are in the best interest of our cherished democratic republic.

    The media wonders why no one trusts them and why everyone hates them. If they had a little more capacity for self-reflection, they’d realize that they chose the path that they are on and that the path is a road to ruin.


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