Whitmer Defies the Supreme Court and Continues Her Draconian Reign


    Good for nothing Gretchen Whitmer was handed a significant blow to her ego when the Michigan Supreme Court ordered her to stop overreaching her powers as it relates to COVID-19. Her reluctance to admit her error only led her to throw a tantrum like a spoiled child does when they do not get what they want from the store. The Michigan Supreme Court decided unanimously that she was abusing her power.

    But that did not stop the witchy governor from taking even further action to prove that she is above the law. Whitmer is pulling out her last card and trying to come up with a law from 1918 that will give her the right to hand out fines to people that violate the queen’s orders. Democrats believe they are royalty in the flesh once they get into positions of power.

    Whitmer took to the airways as she tried to quiet down the cheers from the people in favor of the court’s ruling. She stated that “As a result of the court and legislatures action, our COVID-19 cases will likely go up. There will be uncertainty, disruption, and possibly greater risk to our economy, more people quarantined and more deaths.”

    The court cases are going to be directed at her since she is the one that is forcing criminal laws on people. She went so far as to mention that all mandated protections will stay in place, and she will continue to abuse her power to expand on the current protections. Some Democrats just never learn their lesson.

    Queen Whitmer stated that even the president has a few things he could learn from the wicked witch. Whitmer is a typical Democrat that wants to push their will on the people. They want to expand their control, so people become slaves to them. In essence, she is trying to set herself up as Queen of America. Or at least, Michigan.

    It would not be much of a surprise if Whitmer or some other power-hungry Democrat tried to set themselves up as a mini dictator, much like Putin tried to do in Russia earlier this year. Whitmer has herself backed into a corner. She has no way of enforcing any kind of law once the Michigan court rules.

    She will find that local governments are not going to force her rules on anyone because they do not want to face the lawsuits that are coming their way. Her royal pain the rear thinks that she does not have to work with the legislature to pass laws. But she will find out that she is not above the law once the law comes knocking on her door.

    The COVID-19 laws dictated that she was to go before the legislature every month and try to convince them to extend the lockdowns. But after the first time, she decided that she would executive order herself into the corner. She is acting like a dictator and not a governor.

    The problems that she is facing are the lies she has told the people. She uses a lot of data that is not backed up with facts. People are demanding that she release the sources that she is using to formulate her decisions. The truth is that she has no sources with which to support her data. At this point, she is trying to cover up her lies.

    Whitmer is one of those people that has to learn life the hard way. In this case, it is going to cost her in the next election. The people in Michigan are sick and tired of the lies and the fearful push that she continues to live by. The governor is to represent the people. But Whitmer represents herself and her ideology.

    The Michigan Supreme Court has shut the door on her attempts at total domination. Any violation of this ruling can only result in jail time or removal as the governor of Michigan. For the people living in the state, that would not be such a bad thing. At least they could get on with their lives and not have to wear a mask to bed.


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