Twitter Will Now Determine What Is and Isn’t True


    Twitter has been making more and more choices of what we see and what we don’t. They’ll remove a story in just seconds if they don’t think it’s true – even before they’ve bothered to do any kind of fact-checking. Using Twitter at this point is a lot like being stuck behind the filter found in Communist China.

    Dr. Scott Atlas, a top coronavirus adviser for the White House, recently tweeted about the efficacy of masks – and questioned whether they are working as well as they should be to prevent the spread. He went on to explain how there are plenty of cities that have exploded in case numbers even with mask mandates – and not just in the United States.

    Twitter decided to remove that tweet. They claimed that it was in violation of their “COVID-10 Misleading Information Policy.” Oh, so apparently Twitter knows more about the pandemic than medical doctors that are working with the White House.

    Dr. Atlas also added to his original tweet to say that the Trump guideline is accurate – use the masks the way they were intended. This means Atlas is recommending that masks be work when close and when at high-risk. Otherwise, social distance.

    Twitter has decided that they don’t want people to use common sense. They’ll decide what you can and cannot see, regardless of whether it comes from a reputable source or not.

    Who determines what gets flagged or removed at Twitter? If they don’t have a Ph.D. in medicine, they shouldn’t be removing anything that has to do with COVID-19. People have a right to know what one of the lead doctors has to say about the pandemic.

    Twitter has been overstepping for quite a while now. It’s reached a breaking point – including removing or flagging posts that have anything to do with the Trump administration, including those from President Donald Trump himself. Twitter wants to call all of it false or misleading.

    Twitter and Facebook have proven they are incapable of being nonpartisan. They’ll remove or flag conservative posts but not liberal ones. They want facts – but only if it’s of a conservative nature.

    The social media platforms proved just how prejudiced they are last week. They allowed posts about Trump’s tax returns to remain present despite that they were from hacked sources. They did not, however, allow posts about Hunter Biden’s email saying that Joe Biden met with Ukrainians from Burisma.

    Now, why the double standard? Well, that’s easy. Facebook and Twitter would rather be accused of censorship than to allow anything that would hurt Biden’s chances of winning the general election.

    Dr. Atlas has been on the opposing side of social media before this, too. He posted a video on YouTube in September where he questioned the need for social distancing measures. It was removed from YouTube for violating community standards.

    However, Atlas isn’t the only one talking about reopening the community and eliminating such stringent social distancing measures. The idea of ‘herd immunity’ is being discussed in greater length in medical circles because the masks aren’t reducing the number of cases.

    Most American cities require masks everywhere. And, for the most part, people are abiding. Yet, the numbers are climbing again. So, maybe masks aren’t the answer.

    And Dr. Atlas is right to say that they are censoring science. Since when does Twitter get to decide what is and isn’t misleading and false? He comments, “When you start censoring science you are removing fact, removing the basic way that we decide what is truth in what is not.” Shouldn’t someone with a medical degree trump a social media analyst? Apparently not in 2020.

    Although Dr. Atlas may be at odds with Dr. Fauci at times when it comes to the way that we should be handling the pandemic, it’s still a view based on science. There are often multiple views when dealing with anything. Healthy discussion is good to have – but Twitter would rather end the discussion and just make the decisions for us.


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