Trump Protects Americans by Shutting Down Cheap Labor Abuses


    President Trump is on the path to healing. He is not about to let a virus keep him from working for the people. He promised four years ago to make America great and to keep the nation secure. One of the things that make America great is the way that the country treats people. When business owners exploit the H-1B guest worker program, they are making America look bad as a nation.

    President Trump has worked hard to put the power and respect back into the American name. There was a time when terrorists feared the United States. But Obama and his pandering of other nations have led to a decline in the trust and admiration that came with being an American.

    And when American employers use immigrants on work visas for their gain, they are hurting the country’s image. Deputy Secretary of Labor Patrick Pizzella stated that “With millions of Americans looking for work, and as the economy continues its recovery, immediate action is needed to guard against the risk lower cost foreign labor can pose to the wellbeing of U.S. workers.”

    His words echo the sentiments of millions that are angry that some people have used the H1B visa holding immigrants the way they have and thereby destroyed the American image. These workers go back home and tell their families how horrible it was to be in America when they should be telling their families how great it was to be there.

    The Department of Labor is leveling the playing field by dictating what a worker can earn on such a visa. It will have to be a wage that is fair enough to compete with a natural worker. The problem is that American workers are undercut and cannot find work because cheating employers pay people an extremely low wage.

    Pizzella also stated that “This rule the department is publishing this week is faraway one of the most significant reforms made to the H-1B program in the past 20 years.” President Trump is fixing the damage that the Democrats have caused in the past several decades.

    The administration has also stated that areas of work that are considered a “specialty occupation” will require that the person that holds that position must have a degree to back up the fact that they belong in that position.

    The Deputy Homeland Security Secretary is Ken Cuccinelli. He stated that “The H-1B program has been abused by some companies who seek to undermine American workers by bringing low cost or low paid foreign labor into our country. The DHS rule will affect over one third of H-1B petitions — I cannot overstate how big a deal this is.”

    The harm that some companies were inflicting on the American image is going to be undercut. They will no longer be able to force people from China and India or other places to work for next to nothing. American workers will have the first crack at those jobs that will require a degree.

    And like always, there are special interest groups and liberals that are fighting the new rules. They claim that the new regulations are going to hurt several American companies. But the truth is that they are the ones enacting the hurt. Other nations hate America because of the selfish image that these companies paint to the workers.

    The American worker comes first. That was one of the president’s goals when he first started. He wanted to put Americans first, and that is precisely what he has done. He is working to make America a great place to live and work.

    There is not much the Democrats can do at this point in the election race but sit back and pray to their god Obama that President Trump has no more victories. The president is unstoppable as he continues to win battles for the American people.

    Dan Stein of the Federation for American Immigration Reform stated, “While the current unemployment crisis triggered these regulatory reforms to the H-1B program, we expect that these changes will be long-lasting. Once these protections for American workers are firmly in place, it will be very difficult for any future administration to reinstate the ability of employers to deny jobs and undermine the wages of U.S. workers.”



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