Squad Goes Off Deep End and Calls for Packing of the Court


    Amy Coney Barrett has defied the odds and has been confirmed as the Supreme Court’s next associate judge. Her nomination by President Trump set off a firestorm of hateful actions and comments from the liberal left. They targeted her and made all kinds of threats all along the way to her confirmation moment. Threats that they intend to carry out.

    Various Democrats have said things about packing the court with their liberal choices. They have vowed future retaliation. And they have even walked out of the meetings that were held to interview Barrett. All of their actions are similar to that of children throwing temper tantrums.

    The biggest threat made so far by the loony liberals is the packing of the court. The idea behind packing the court is to nominate as many liberal judges as they can and offset the conservative base that exists. Their argument hinges on them ruling the White House and having majorities in the Senate and House. The odds of that happening are next to impossible, given how much the country hates the Democrats.

    But that did not stop the progressive blubbering four on the squad from stepping out just minutes after the vote calling for the court’s packing. They did not miss a beat as they walked about and went straight to the press, promising action to keep their liberal bias in the court.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated, “Expand the court” without even taking a breath. These young inexperienced politicians do not know the ramifications of what they are saying. If they would read their history, they would find that it was tried before, and it went very badly for the president and all those that supported the foolish move.

    The robotic trio followed suit as they all would cry with one loud voice, “Expand the court.” Their cries fell on deaf ears as they spoke to the press. No one has the stomach to try and pull off packing the court. They know the foolishness of such an endeavor. But the squad is known for their stupid remarks and their talking before thinking moments.

    They made promises that they cannot possibly keep. Rashida Tlaib said in a fit of lies that “We are going to take back the White House [and] Senate next week with a resounding mandate from the people to fight back against Trump’s illegitimately stacked judiciary.”

    This is no different had a conservative judge died on the bench, and the liberals were in control. They would have rushed to nominate a liberal and install them on the bench. They are just mad that they did not get that chance.

    Tlaib’s socialist remarks continued as she would say, “We must expand the Court if we’re serious about the transformational change the people are crying out for.”

    The Democrats made a lot of threats that could be considered treasonous. The thought of taking extraordinary action to undo what the people of the nation want for their future is selfish and self-serving.

    Joe Biden has responded to their demands by claiming silence on the issue. He cannot take an aggressive stance a week before the election because he is trying hard to hide the progressive flare that he has adopted from Bernie Sanders. Packing the court would cost him the election. All he can do is echo what Obama did years ago and hope for the best.

    Ayanna Pressley would also state that “We reject this injustice. We will fight for our rights. We will legislate our values.” The rights that she is talking about are not constitutional rights, but ones they dream up in their heads that they believe are their rights.

    Democrats are creating fake news to frighten their base into thinking that Barrett will take away things that they have. That is just not the truth. Barrett will only make decisions that are constitutionally based.

    Hillary Clinton is the worst fear creator as she would state, “Senate Republicans just pushed through a Supreme Court justice who will help them take away Americans’ health care in the middle of a pandemic. For them, this is victory. Vote them out.” The only thing that the nation will gain is a fair and just judge that will not vote party lines as a Democrat would.


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