Really? Incoming Mayor of Baltimore Wants to Ban the President from Mentioning Baltimore


    Let’s get any confusion out of the way as early as possible. Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott has yet to become the actual mayor of Baltimore. He won’t receive the title in an official capacity until November 4. Since he won the primary that took place earlier this year during the mayoral race, it is only a matter of time now.

    The Republicans of Baltimore are too outnumbered to put up much a fight. Democrats outflank them on all sides, by a 10 to 1 ratio. General elections in cities like these aren’t watched as closely because no one is expecting any sort of upset. Unless the city has a massive change in their political conscience between now and then, it’s all over.

    Like many other Democrats who are looking to make a name for themselves, Scott is looking to adopt the #RESIST banner. The presidential election is right around the corner, so Scott is taking all sorts of shots at the current commander in chief. It’s a pretty cheap and easy way to let the liberals know that you are on their side.

    Trump is currently battling the effects of the COVID-19 virus but Scott’s still going to let his feelings be known. Since Trump mentioned Democrat-led cities like Baltimore during the Biden debate last week, Scott did not want to allow this “opportunity” to pass by without getting his own shots in. “The Democrats that run these cities don’t want law and order,” Trump said.

    Scott’s tweet shortly after the debate let Trump know exactly where he stands on the matter. “President Trump unless you are bringing resources and addressing economic, racial, and environmental injustices in my city, KEEP BALTIMORE OUT OF YOUR MOUTH,” his angry missive read. There’s really not that much room for interpretation here.

    The “I asked my staff and they told me not to buttttttttt” bit is especially priceless. We are sure that his staff was more than happy to let him fire off the tweet. The idea that he would be tweeting like this without the explicit approval of his staff is hilarious since he has not even taken office in an official capacity as of yet.

    The election is not even over yet but it’s already “my city”. We wonder if any Baltimore residents noticed that wording. They will have to see how his tenure is going to work out before they can pass any judgment. At first, we actually thought that Scott might have been a good choice for the job. Baltimore voters dodged a bullet by refusing to put disgraced former mayor Sheila Dixon back in office.

    Scott may not leave his post in police custody after being convicted on corruption and embezzlement charges like Dixon did but there are issues that have to be discussed. The primary objective that has been discussed thus far is restructuring the makeup of the Board of Estimates. This was supposed to put a stop to the type of corruption that took place under Dixon’s leadership.

    Now, Scott is saying that they don’t need to rush into that process. Funny how that works, huh? In the meantime, he’ll do whatever he can to raise his profile in Charm City. If that means attacking Trump in hopes of getting more liberals on his side, that is simply what he will do. The city of Baltimore may not like what Trump has to say about their violence-related issues but they can’t silence him.

    The president has the ability to call things as he sees them, unlike his competitors. The statistics do not care about anyone’s feelings, whether we are talking about Baltimore or any other city that is run by Democrats. Trump probably took things a bit further than necessary with the “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” comment but now the terms of engagement have been set. Scott needs to set a much better tone than he has so far.


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