McEnany is Banned from Twitter for Being Conservative


    Twitter and other social media sites have become liberal favored platforms that seek to quiet the conservative’s voice in America. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was banned from using Twitter after she posted a link to the story of Joe Biden and his illegal affairs with his son. She stated that the social media site was holding a “gun to my head.” Twitter has banned her from posting on its platform.

    The Democrats that control the media and social sites frequently badger and remove posts about their favored few. They take down conservative valued based material and other information that would smear the liberals in politics.

    The blocking of her account was a way Twitter could silence the majority. They have not blocked others that seek to smear her or the president. But when a genuine article is posted and shared, they are quick to take it down.

    She stated that she had been “permanently” barred from her personal account. Somewhere a liberal Twitter security monitor saw the post, hated the content, and maliciously blocked her account. The reasoning behind the banning of her account is that the social media giant does not believe in the content’s truthfulness. They are just protecting Joe Biden.

    McEnany shared that the blockage is permanent. She stated that “When I log on to my Twitter account, it says I’m permanently banned”. Somewhere someone has kept her from telling the truth. They have robbed her of the right to share any kind of information—another example of how liberals are stripping away the freedom of speech.

    A Twitter spokesperson stated that McEnany could have her account back if she would take down the content. Twitter is resorting to bullying outspoken people. A socialist nation often limits what can be said aloud because they do not want the truth being told. Twitter has some socialist meaning behind their policies.

    Twitter’s offer of giving her account back to her puts her before a firing squad. She can wither bow to their wishes or be shot as a Twitter fugitive. Ironically, the story she posted was from another liberal based media giant, namely the New York Times.

    The story was about a laptop that was left behind at a repair shop. On the computer were emails that were from Hunter Biden that linked Joe Biden to his illegal activities. Joe Biden has been accused of using his influence to get his son onto the board at Burisma and see a Ukrainian official fired to keep from being discovered.

    Joe Biden denies any involvement in his son’s deeds, but these emails clearly link him to the crime. The Biden family is full of dark secrets. Joe Biden’s brother was accused of using the vice president’s influence in his negotiations to obtain contracts. And the list gets even more profound.

    The email is quoted as reading, “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honour and pleasure.” An adviser on the Burisma board wrote the email.

    The issue at hand is whether or not Joe Biden was directly involved in getting his sorry son on the board. This email certainly makes it clear that he did. It creates a conflict of interest that would violate his oath as vice president.

    Joe Biden is quick to deny all the accusations. But every Democrat denies their illegal activities once they are discovered. They would rather watch their colleagues and employees take the blame and spend their lives in prison rather than admit the truth—something that Biden will not hesitate to do as he has already lied about the event.

    Twitter has jumped into bed with the Democrats. McEnany is the victim of another attempt by the liberals to wrong people of their right to freedom of speech. President Trump has vowed to protect those freedoms. Another four years will keep these freedoms from being taken away by Biden and the other Democrats seeking to turn America into a socialist nightmare.



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