Masks for Thee but Not for Me! Feinstein Caught Violating Her Own Mandate


    Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein finds herself in hot water because of her willingness to flout the mask-wearing rules that her party tries to push on everyone else. Fox News host Tucker Carlson was able to obtain the photos, which depict Feinstein walking through a private Dulles Airport terminal without a mask on.

    We are old enough to remember when Feinstein wanted everyone to keep their masks on at all times. This was the Democratic party line. COVID-19 was to be respected and anyone who did not want to wear a mask was treated like a common criminal. The mask mandates do not actually apply to them, though.

    They are only being put into place so that the common folks are kept in line. When people said this months ago, no one wanted to listen. After a few months of dealing with this nonsense, it seems as if these folks are starting to change their tune. The news spread through Twitter like wildfire. Once all of the verified accounts caught wind of the story, it did not take long to go viral.

    “BREAKING: Fox News host Tucker Carlson shows a photo of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who called for a nationwide mask mandate at airports 3 months ago, not wearing a mask at Dulles Airport on Friday. No comment from the senator’s office, yet” read the Daniel Chaitin tweet.

    Nancy Pelosi has also been caught on camera, acting as if she is too big to play by the rules that she sets.

    She was seen in a San Francisco hair salon without a mask. Even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo got in on the act, walking his dog without bothering to wear a facial covering. The citizens of America have to be getting tired of being treated this way by leaders who are not actually going to practice what they are preaching.

    These mandates are not constitutional and Americans are noticing the selective enforcement. A mother at a high school football game in Ohio was Tased and ushered out of the stadium for not wearing a mask. Why aren’t the police being empowered to go after the politicians in the same way? That’s because they are being told not to.

    The mask mandates are all about controlling the American people. Anyone who is still pretending otherwise at this point is absolutely deluding themselves. Pelosi was one of the loudest voices when it came to masks and she had so much commentary about President Trump at the time. Who remembers that painfully unfunny nickname that she tried to come up with for him?

    If he’s “Mr. Make Matters Worse” then maybe she should settle for “Little Mrs. Hypocrite”. It’s the best that we could do on short notice but we are sure that Trump will have some better ideas before too long. He’s definitely much better at the snarky nickname game than his counterparts. American citizens who are tired of the convenient mask policies eagerly await his reply to these stories.

    Maybe he will use these stories as a way to attack Biden during the debates that are about to start soon. We all know that Biden is usually easy to goad into some sort of freak out. If Trump brings up the Democratic hypocrisy on these masks, we are sure to see some fireworks. That’s probably why Trump wanted to know if Biden was going to be drug tested before the debate. Knowing him, he will try to pop a Xanax or two to get through it.

    That’s what happens when one party is consistently dishonest. Eventually, people start to see through it and that is all she wrote. Maybe in the future, the lying Democrats might decide to follow the rules that they want everyone else to live up to. It’s clear to see that their normal ways of doing things aren’t doing all that much to help out with the current situation.


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