Former Biden Partner in Crime Fears for His Life After Confirming Biden Laptop Scandal


    Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Bevan Cooney has flipped, as we learned last week. Cooney is currently doing time in a federal facility in Oregon because of a failed bond scheme. He’s now willing to talk, aligning with Matthew Tyrmand and Peter Schweizer. These investigative journalists are now looking into the case.

    Over 26,000 business e-mails were turned over to Tyrmand and Schweizer. On Tuesday, Cooney was removed from the Oregon facility and moved into a different location. Schweizer tweeted about the matter on Tuesday: “BREAKING. Hearing that Bevan Cooney who has shared his Biden related emails with us has been REMOvED from the federal facility in Oregon where he is being detained”.

    “BREAKING: hearing that Bevan Cooney has just been removed from the federal facility in Oregon that he has been detained in since last year. #CooneyEmails,” said Tyrmand. On Wednesday, Tyrmand paid Laura Ingraham. They were going to discuss everything that is happening when it comes to the Cooney case.

    According to him, Cooney has been moved by authorities. He was staying in a work camp with various other white-collar criminals. It is believed that he has been taken to a facility that is far more dangerous. He remains in solitary confinement, even though he only has one month left to serve at the moment. Why the sudden change in heart from the authorities here?

    Joe Biden is probably terrified as to what this man has shared. Hunter Biden can only remain protected for so long. There are a lot of people out there who have a lot of information that they can share. Anyone who thinks that Hunter is going to be able to escape unscathed is deluding themselves. It’s one of the many reasons for his father’s now-infamous “early lids”.

    Of course, speculation has already begun about Cooney’s new move. There are some who believe that Hunter Biden’s powerful father is already doing whatever he can to silence him. Why would this man be moved into a far more dangerous prison when he is this close to his release date? To the best of our knowledge, he was not in trouble and he was not in any sort of altercation.

    If he’s in solitary confinement, this decision may have been made for his own good. After all, there are a lot of people out there who would love to take him out. Biden would surely find a way to grant clemency to anyone that did. By allowing the move to take place, they are creating more speculation than necessary.

    It was probably in the best interest to keep Cooney’s name out of the national consciousness. Instead, they have pushed him to the center stage. Let’s say that something happens to this man. Who is going to be the primary suspect? This could be another Jeffrey Epstein situation, where someone who has a lot to say mysteriously dies in jail before they have a chance to start spilling all of the beans.

    There is going to be yet another “perfect storm of screw-ups” before this is all said and done. This man went from a holding facility among fellow white-collar criminals to a completely different location, without any sort of viable explanation. That’s usually the first stage in these sorts of “perfect storms”. We cannot wait to see how this is justified, especially as more and more Americans are made aware of what is taking place here. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    Cooney shouldn’t have waited this long to talk but that is neither here nor there at this point. It wouldn’t have gone well for him, no matter when he decided to speak. If we had to guess, Cooney has already decided to spill his guts and only time will tell if this is going to help anything. It seems like everyone is turning a blind eye to the Hunter Biden corruption and this is a sad thing to see.


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