Democrats in New York Fight for Power as COVID-19 Fuels the Feud


    Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have become bitter enemies as it comes to their demonic realms of power in the state of New York. One pathetic Democrat blames the other for overstepping authority while the other snubs their nose and refuses to take advice. Their childlike actions show that the Democrats will fight each other for more significant positions of power. They think that they know all the answers and their way is the only solution to every problem.

    The two stubborn men have had only one call with each other in the past month. Cuomo is accusing the socialist mayor of overstepping his authority as it relates to dealing with COVID-19. Cuomo wants to reserve the right to tell people what to do. But de Blasio is not listening to his recommendations. He is off doing his own thing.

    Their behavior is indicative of the entire Democratic Party. Each party member believes that they have the answers and will not work with anyone else that tries to tell them what to do. The mayors of Portland, Seattle, and Chicago are prime examples of this type of behavior. They refused federal help and aid to deal with the violence that they started.

    The worst of the Democrats is Whitmer of Michigan. She still continues to divide the state as she extends her powers beyond what she is legally allowed to do. She continues to defy the courts and is dividing the people.

    But Cuomo and de Blasio are in a class all by themselves. They show that the Democratic Party at every level is fractured and ready to fall. There is not a governor around that does not want their state to be unified. But once in a while, a rogue mayor steps out and does the unthinkable and rebels against doing unified adherence.

    De Blasio was sick and tired of waiting for Cuomo to act regarding the new spike in COVID-19 outbreaks. He set forth his plan to shut New York down again. This, in turn, forced Cuomo to release a plan. And now the sorry old men are at odds with each other again.

    De Blasio came out and stated that “We want the state to know, in a very public manner, what we believe will allow us to contain the situation. The thing I’ve learned now over these seven-plus months is that it is very important, once we have come to a conclusion of what is needed, to be very public about it.”

    And yet he is selective as to which people are fined and charged for violating his insane laws. De Blasio has fined five Orthodox Jewish groups for having more than ten people in at a time for worship. And yet he allows protestors to gather in groups of thousands without any penalties at all.

    The fearful Democrats are ruling New York with their emotions. Not one decision is being made on fact or truth. They are basing them on how they feel at the moment. And that is why the two old men cannot seem to get along. They both have different feelings about things, which end up providing other solutions.

    The fines led to outbreaks of protests. And because they were in religious locations, the police could not intervene. Cuomo is about shutting down religious gathers permanently. He stated that “A law doesn’t work if you’re too incompetent or too politically frightened to enforce it.” His low blow punch sent de Blasio to the mat.

    Democratic-controlled areas are struggling to get back on their feet. The reason is that they are divided on how reopening should take place. Once a COVID-19 virus shows up, they quickly change plans and start over because they base their fear and emotional decisions.

    President Trump and the Republican governor’s rule on stable ground. They base their decisions on facts and not feelings, which has led to record recovery times and happy people. Four more years of President Trump will mean great things for the American people. He will add to his promises and continue to make and now keep America great.



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