Cuomo Goes Off the Deep End and Blames Everyone Else for His Troubles


    Andrew Cuomo is facing a lot of backlash for the deadly decisions he has made since COVID-19 turned his state into a ghost town. He has tried to murder the elderly, defund the police in areas, turned his back on the needy, and transformed the state into a hot spot of crime.

    And now, with all of the trash that he has thrown into the state, he wants an out so he can clean his hands of the wrongs done. But it is not as easy as he thinks it will be to cover up his multitude of sins.

    The way he is trying to cover his pile of sins is by shifting responsibility and blame to others within the New York City government agencies. He is blaming the city and its people for all of the crime that has crept into the area.

    The nasty governor has threatened Bill de Blasio with a slashing of funds if there is not a better effort of the city to take a massive bite out of the crime wave. He wants the mad mayor to clean up the trash and filth of New York or else the Nation Guard to going to be sent in to do it for him.

    This is precisely what President Trump said he would do if help were needed. But de Blasio and Cuomo both rejected any help. And at one-point Cuomo flat out rejected any and all advice from the president when the crime started going up in the city.

    The president could have told both dumb Democrats  “told ya so.” It would be a fitting statement and lesson for them to both learn. Had they just listened months ago, they would not be having the troubles they are having today.

    Unfortunately, slashing funding to the city is not going to force de Blasio to fight crime. He has already jumped into bed with the criminals boldly running around the city. The problem in New York City is not the crime wave. It is the Democrats sitting in seats of power.

    Defunding the city will only hurt the people at this point. De Blasio will most likely take the money from the citizens through higher taxes or by penalizing them for the high crime rate.

    Cuomo spouted off that “The crime problem in New York City is real. Denial is not an option. If jurisdictions don’t resolve police/community issues and redesign public safety,” there are going to be consequences.

    The harsh reality of being ruled by Democrats has taken its toll on people. Cuomo is enacting a plan called ‘New York City Stabilization and Recovery Program.’ It is designed to help the state get back on its feet. But his plan is very harsh and rigid. It looks like it will create a lot of trouble for many people.

    The goofy governor acts like he really cares. But his past actions tell a darker reality of what he really thinks of people. The nursing home disaster that claimed over 6,000 innocent lives because of Cuomo’s order to infect them with COVID-19 through exposure was uncalled for.

    Cuomo cannot wrap his tiny little head why there is crime surging in New York. He stated, “Why is the answer to every 911 call a person with a gun? Why? Why is the only answer to a 911 call an arrest? What happens if it’s a substance abuse issue? What if it’s a mental health issue?”

    He sees the police as the enemy as they are called out to do their job. An arrest is the easiest way to diffuse a situation and get the person help if they need it. But they have to want that help.

    He has also threatened by saying, “I don’t know what’s going on in New York City. If they can’t do it, I’ve offered to send the National Guard in to come pick up the garbage. This is a public health pandemic. Cleanliness matters.”

    As a Democrat, he is responsible for the crime in the state. His reluctance to keep de Blasio from turning New York into a sanctuary state has only added fuel to the fire. He is the main reason why people want to move out of the big city.


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