Company Tells Workers to Prepare for the Worst if Biden Wins


    The very thought of a liberal president is scaring people to the point that they are fearful of losing their jobs at the start of the new year. Biden’s plan for America shuts down millions of jobs in the manufacturing and energy sectors. People are already looking around for other money-making options just in case Biden wins. One company in Florida is already warning its employees that they will lose their jobs unless President Trump wins in November.

    The message went home, as each employee picked up their paychecks after work. The letter inside the envelope was a warning that people should have a backup plan if Biden shows his ugly face in the White House in 2021 because Biden is seeking to shut down millions of jobs around the country on the first day of 2021.

    The liberals hated the letter that was sent out to all employees. They refuse to face the truth that Biden is a socialist puppet. This kind of letter is legal, so there is no legal ground for the liberals to cry on. Daniels Manufacturing is making a statement of fact with these letters that Joe Biden is a dangerous man to the company.

    The letter stated that “If Trump and the Republicans win (the election), DMC will hopefully be able to continue operating, more or less as it has been operating lately.” The 170 employees would only be the first casualties of war that Biden will wage against America from the White House.

    The letter also warned that “However, if Biden and the Democrats win, DMC could be forced to begin permanent layoffs beginning in late 2020 and/or early 2021.” It was reported that at least one employee has already left and is working for another business.

    The letter in no way influences the workers to vote for the president again. The company’s president, George Daniels, states that he respects the voting rights of all the people that work for him.

    He stated that “I have been doing this for years. I have an obligation to let workers know what could happen, based on the outcome of an election. They certainly should vote for the candidate they want.”

    It is time for Americans to wake up and see the danger of the liberals that are trying to destroy the country. Every conservative needs to vote this year for President Trump and every other Republican running for office around the country. The liberals need to be pushed out, and with one loud voice, the country needs to declare their independence from their tyranny.

    One confused employee missed the purpose of the letter as he would state, “I don’t feel like it was correct to do something like that. That’s like me coming to work because we had all these Black killings and I should come in here and wear a Black Lives Matter shirt and bring out hats and pass them out to everyone.”

    This person cannot even compare the letter to BLM or their evil deeds. The employee could have shown up to work only to be sent home, wondering how to put food on the table the following day. Everyone has been warned, and they need to prepare for the worst of the worst.

    Joe Biden still does not talk about his plan for the economy or any other major part of the country. He refuses to reveal his plan because he knows that it will cost him votes. People want to know that their country is secure and their jobs are stable. Under Biden, those things certainties disappear for good.

    Companies are allowed to donate money to politics as long as they do not directly work with the campaign. They must go through a third-party source. Many companies can also educate their people about the issues and speak to the employees about political matters. These companies are usually privately owned. They can also keep their employees from talking about politics while on the clock.

    President Trump is the only one that can guarantee that people will still have a job at the start of 2021. He has opened up industry and manufacturing to the point that growth will happen. His promise to keep America great will be the reason that he wins the coming election.


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