Boy Finds Bomb in Christmas Ornament Box


    Everyone is wondering what kind of person places a bomb in a Christmas decoration box for a child to find only to blow himself up after lighting it. There are plenty of people around the world that would do such an evil thing against American children. For this young child, the thought of Christmas will be different for him for the rest of his life.

    The young boy from Michigan is still recovering in the local hospital after an ornament he picked up blew up in his face. The device was reportedly hidden inside of the decoration.

    According to his mother, her boy lost his eyebrows, eyelashes, some of his hair, and several fingers on his hand. His life will never be the same because some coward somewhere placed a bomb in a Christmas bulb for no good reason.

    Brittany Moist is the boy’s mother. She stated that he also has burns to his stomach, loss of hearing, and several stitches on his head. She said that “When I got to the emergency room, they rushed him down to like, do the X-rays, and then straight to emergency surgery and then I met him in his room and he was already bandaged up, he was really scared.”

    When the child found the device, he decided to light it up, just like any other kid would do. It was one of those slow-motion moments as the adults tried to get to him to keep him playing with fire.

    The grandmother could be heard saying not to light it. But like every little boy, they want to do what they want, so he hurried and lit it before he lost it. His mother went on to state that “He has tried to talk to me about the incident, but he gets too upset, so I haven’t had the chance to hear the whole story from his perspective. He’s been waking up at night afraid because he remembers what happens. If he hears a loud noise he panics. He’s not dealing with the explosion very well.”

    Boys are curious and have the right to explore their world. They do not always understand that sometimes things are dangerous to them. That is why kids need responsible adults to help them grow up. Those that are out rioting need parents to educate them instead of them just being their friends.

    But everyone is still wondering how the bomb got into a box of Christmas ornaments. History tells of these kinds of things happening before. Back in 2007, China was found using lead paint in their toys that they were making and sending to America.

    It was discovered that 24 different toys made in China were recalled during that year because of the poison that the Chinese laced inside of it. The lead paint leads to brain cell damage and other serious issues.

    In another incident from China, it was found that a fake eyeball was filled with kerosene. Another toy was recalled because of more lead paint, and an infant wrist toy ended up being a choking hazard.

    The Chinese are responsible for a high number of recalls in the past 20 years. They are in the number one spot in their attempts to kill American kids. And the list does not stop with toys. China could really hurt Americans since most products come from a communist country.

    The Democrats get extremely mad at the president when he pulls the country away from China. He has killed the trade deal, and now he wants to remove American companies from the Chinese mainland. He sees the danger that China poses to the country.

    President Trump has come to realize that in order to honor his promise to make America great, China must go. His decision to distance the United States from a country determined to hurt Americans is good for the country. He is proving that he is able to protect the country from dangers abroad. President Trump only wants to make America great and secure the country from the people who want to harm people. America needs President for Another four years.



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