BLM Leader Took Donations from Group and Spent it on Himself


    Tyree Conyers-Page is a leader within the Black Lives Matter movement. His time at the top has poisoned his mind to the point that he sees himself as Sir Maejor Page. His self-proclaimed position of lordship has gone to his mind. He sees himself as the king of America as he sits on the Black Lives Matter Kingdom’s throne. His subjects pay tribute from the looting and the killing that they do in his name.

    His long-profaned reign has spanned only four terrible years. After meeting with other BLM members and Atlanta leaders, he figured he wanted a piece of the action and loot. His mission was to set himself up for life by taking what he must have seen as tribute payments from people making donations to the BLM cause.

    Sir Maejor’s pain in the rear thought he could get away with stealing donations from people that thought they were giving to an organization determined to enact social change. But these brainwashed liberals had no clue that they were secretly funding the fraudulent life of a BLM thief.

    The chapter he set up was called Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta. He thought that the original chapter was not good enough for him, so he started another one. Page believes that the only life that matters is his own. This led him to take over $200,000 of donated money for the purpose of buying his own home.

    That money was not for him to use. It was supposed to be used by the BLM chapter in order to bring about social change. But not one BLM leader truly cares about others. All they care about is their own lives. They think that people owe them something because hundreds of years ago, their families had a hard life in America.

    Page is one of those clowns. He used the money for not just a home, but also for clothing, meals, office space, hotel rooms, and many other personal things. He has let the donors down that are supporting BLM.

    Law enforcement came to his home and took him away on charges of wire fraud and two money laundering counts. Page took a debit card that belonged to BLM and went on a spending spree. Something did not sit well with officials, and they came after the sick maniac.

    The FBI stated that “Numerous videos and Livestream videos were posted to Page’s personal social media pages showing himself in what appeared to be newly purchased clothing, hotel rooms and office space in Atlanta. Several audio statements are made by Page in the videos boasting about the money he has, his tailored suits, his nice cufflinks and ‘$150 dollar ties.’”

    Page decided that he would also buy guns to obviously defend himself from people that were going to come and take his precious stolen things away. The FBI pointed out that there was “no identifiable purchase or expenditure for social or racial justice.”

    Page’s social injustice to donors for change is a significant slap in their face. For two long years, he funneled thousands of dollars at a time into his own pockets from the GoFundMe account.

    Page had promised his donors that the money would be used to change things after the George Floyd incident. His sense of justice was self-centered. All he could think about was making himself happy with the stuff. But he found out that stuff will never fill the void deep within his life.

    His BLM chapter lost its tax exemption status in 2019 because it failed to file the proper forms. And they have been banned from using the GoFundMe website.

    Page is the perfect example of what the liberals are all about. All he thinks about is padding his own pockets with the donations that he is stealing from other people. Democrats rip people off, and they do not regret their actions. They promise change but only deliver destruction.

    President Trump is the only one that does what he says he will do. America is great because he has poured his life into making changes that needed to be done. America needs him for another four years.


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