Biden’s America: Police Chief Fired Over His Wife’s Pro-Trump Comments


    This story took place a few days ago but it is finally making its way onto the national media radar. Mayor Danene Sorace of Lancaster, Pennsylvania decided to hold a very short press conference announcing the retirement of the town’s police chief. Chief of Police Jarrad Berkihiser was not in attendance. She seemed as if she was in a huge rush and wanted to get it over with.

    The police chief was thanked for his service. No further questions were taken. No comment was issued by the police chief. The retirement of a small-town police chief usually wouldn’t make many waves. So why did this story start to gain traction? As it turns out, there is more to this one than what initially meets the eye.

    A former president of the local Fraternal Order of Police is weighing in. They claim that the police chief was given one of two choices: retire or be relieved of your post. The situation unfolded because of comments that were made on Facebook. The chief’s wife is said to have remained supportive of President Trump.

    John Fiorill, the FOP’s immediate past president, reiterated his side of the story. The police chief was not given a choice and his wife’s post was all it took to seal his fate. Fiorill says that the police chief called the FOP lodge once he was made aware of the situation. He contacted the lodge, trying to make sense of his current predicament.

    How could a police chief be let go this easily? Since the former chief has yet to be able to reach an agreement with the city, Fiorill does not have a problem telling the story. In fact, he believes that he is fully in the right here. At least someone is willing to finally tell the truth about what is really going on in our small towns.

    With all of the attention that is paid to the larger, liberal cities, the issues that smaller towns face often fall by the wayside. The comments that were made by the chief’s wife have since been deleted but they were captured in a screenshot before they vanished entirely. A friend Kristy Berkihiser, the chief’s wife, made a post about Trump.

    They were praising him for the sincere adoration that he shows for law enforcement. “why I’m voting for him again. Same reason as last time… you don’t see him meeting w Jacob Blake’s family or speaking to him by phone,” she replied. This would seem innocent enough but of course, it was not. No one can even support Trump anymore without being taken to task for it.

    When we first heard about the story, we expected to find a far more explosive post. If this is all anyone has to say to find themselves in trouble, we shudder to think of where we go from here. Granted, we could see why someone would take offense to this. It’s not the most politically correct thing to say, that is for sure. However, this is the chief’s wife….not the chief himself.

    Jarrad Berkihiser is not issuing any sort of public statement on the matter at the moment. We are sure that he is working out some sort of agreement with the city. A non-disclosure agreement has already been signed, in all likelihood. He’s not going to fight the Mayor’s ruling because he could be putting his future benefits at risk. No one wants to go job hunting at retirement age.

    It is sad to see the Chief taking the brunt of the damages for something that he did not have anything to do with. We wonder how his wife feels, now that her commentary has essentially cost her husband his career. Discretion is the better part of valor, so the Chief simply made an executive decision. This story is a depressing one but these types of disputes are now commonplace.


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