Trump Takes the Lead in Polls, Leaving Dems to Ponder What Went Wrong


    The Dems can’t fathom that Trump could possibly be capable of winning American hearts across the country. With their “Vote blue no matter who” and “never-Trumpers” stance, it’s easy to see how they could be so poorly mistaken. They would rather have anyone in office than Trump.

    Meanwhile, anyone with half a brain wants to control who gets into the White House. Let’s not be so quick to just vote in anyone. We need someone who can turn the economy around, help small business owners, and condone violence. Oh, look, we already have someone – and they’re in the White House. To get the country back on track, we just need to vote Trump in for a second term, ending the bratty Democratic disputes.

    Following the DNC and RNC conventions, Trump has taken a major lead. Originally, Trump was trailing Biden by seven points. Now, he’s up by a three-point lead. That’s a considerable amount of progress in the span of two weeks, and there are a few good reasons for it.

    The Democratic National Committee was a disgrace. For several nights, the speakers bit into Trump, talking about why he’s not a quality candidate. They didn’t talk about their plans for the country or uplift Biden. They simply tore into the current president. It showed zero tact and left many people wondering just how far to the left the Democratic Party has traveled.

    Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee focused on being all-American. Black speakers came forward to talk about how Trump has helped the country. Congressmen and women talked about how he has helped to bring unity. Trump also spoke about some of his plans to move the country forward. The message was crystal clear: Trump is for America.

    As of right now, Trump is leading in the national popular vote. This is a big deal because it’s the number that the Dems care more about. On election day in 2016, Trump did not win the national popular vote. However, it may be that things will change this time around.

    Further, Trump is also leading Biden by seven points in some of the key battleground states. It should leave the Biden campaign worried about how they’re going to overcome this kind of loss.

    There are only about two months left – and the polls are certainly going to change a few more times. The problem is that there are whispers that Biden is not going to partake in the debates that are planned. If Biden doesn’t show up to debate Trump, it’s going to lead to more people wondering if Biden is capable of becoming president.

    The harsh reality is that the Dems don’t know what they want. Biden continues to flip flop on his platform. He’s been moving quickly to the left, leaving many middle-ground Dems wondering if a vote for Biden would be a vote for socialism.

    It turns out that the “vote blue no matter who” is starting to catch up to them. No matter who? No matter whether the person is a radical progressive who wants to tear the country apart? No matter whether the person is incapable of saving the economy? No matter whether the person may be suffering mental incapacities?

    No one wants to vote in a president who is inept at doing his job. Trump has proven for four years that he is capable of turning the economy around and helping black, white, Latino, and all of the other communities across the country. The Dems are just bitter that he’s the one doing it since Hillary Clinton didn’t win. They’ll never forgive themselves for letting the opportunity slip through their fingers.

    While the Dems try to figure out where they went wrong, Trump is picking up the momentum that his re-election campaign has needed. He’s showing progress in states of Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and others. The polls show that the “no matter who” campaign of the Dems really isn’t working out too well.


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