Trump Calls Ambushed Police While Biden Ignores Them


    The liberals’ drive to defund the police has only emboldened the criminals to step up their attacks against the law. The union between the Democrats and Antifa and Black Lives Matter has only led to the police becoming targets of violence. Liberal cities are now crime hubs where people get paid to kill the police and attack an officer highly praised by lunatics voting for Joe Biden.

    One of the officers was a 31-year old mother, and the other one was a young man just getting started out in life. They were fresh on the force and looking to serve the wonderful people of their community until one person came at them with a weapon and shot them both several times. The shooter then fled on foot like the coward they were.

    The best part of the story is that they lived, and the President showed them his support for what they do for the country. The President called them both to check upon them. After all, he does support the police while the Democrats seek to cripple them.

    President Trump wished them both a quick recovery and told them that the real Americans support them and will see to it that the terrorist is brought before the court. The injury to the female police officer was so bad that she could not speak to the President. A fellow officer had to read what she wrote on a pad a paper.

    In one swift moment, one coward tried to extinguish the lives of two people that have families and seeks to return to them every night. On that dreadful day, their lives just about ended. Their lives were changed forever, and they will never be the same because of one person’s actions that are fully supported by the Democrats.

    The female officer is the mother of a six-year-old little boy that almost lost his mother because of the hatred of the Democratic Party. The support that the liberals give these people only makes them more dangerous as they believe that no one will touch them and that they can get away with anything they want to do.

    But little do they know that the President is going to make sure that they never get their way again. The mom of the little boy was hit in the jaw and in both arms. Her condition is still critical. There is always a chance that she could suffer more from her injuries moving forward.

    The President has stated loud and clear that he is highly supportive of law enforcement, and he is running as a law and order president. His entire campaign has attracted the support of many people that once voted Democrat. But not this time. They are voting for the President because the Democrats have turned their backs on them again.

    The police department has undoubtedly shown their support alongside the President. The road to recovery is going to be long, but with the right help, it can be done.

    The search for the criminal is ongoing. There is a large reward for the shooter’s capture. It is only a matter of time before they are caught and put in prison where they belong.

    Joe Biden has failed to reach out to the officers that were shot. His beloved Democratic Party would rather reach out to the shooter and offer them a pardon than sit down and show support for police officers.

    President Trump is the only choice for President. The Democrats cannot be trusted to run the country in such a way as to keep it great. Their intention is to run it into the ground until there is nothing left.


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