The Revolution’s Eating Their Own! BLM Mob Visits DC Mayor’s Home


    Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser recently had some unexpected visitors at her home. The resistance is finally demanding more of their liberal mayors and they are not going to get any peace until the people have received justice. This is just what the angry mob told Bowser when they gathered outside of her home.

    Deon Kay was fatally shot by police officers and they were not about to allow the mayor to sleep soundly. The protesters were chanting things like “if we don’t get it (justice), burn it down” and “if we don’t get no justice, you don’t get no sleep”. The scene outside of her home was an absolute madhouse.

    According to reports, Kay was one of four men who were in a car that was approached by the police. They had received word that there was a man in this vehicle who had a gun. Two of the men in the vehicle fled when the officers arrived, including Kay. Kay allegedly flashed a firearm during the chase, causing one of the officers to open fire.

    A single shot was fired, leaving Kay in need of medical attention. He was transported to a hospital for treatment at this time but it was not successful. The Black Lives Matter protesters in this city did not wait to hear about any of the details of the arrest. They took to the streets immediately. According to reports, they had gathered at the 7th Precinct before any details had a chance to circulate.

    The protest continued at this location but it wasn’t long before they decided to pay the mayor a visit. Bowser’s attempts at pacifying the rage by naming a street after the Black Lives Matter group has not worked. They are no longer satisfied by these sorts of symbolic gestures and now the liberal mayors will have to pay. This is the same woman who decided to allow a Black Lives Matter mural to be painted on the street.

    The group is not done letting her know how they feel yet, either. They have promised to return to the home again on Thursday. The bodycam footage of the shooting is also expected to be released on Thursday, giving everyone a closer look at what actually happened. Some believe that they will continue to riot, even if the body cam footage corroborates the officer’s story.

    This is what happens when mayors decide to kiss up to groups like these, expecting to curry their favor with gestures that are ultimately not good enough. Bowser’s mural and street renaming exercises may have made the virtue-signaling liberals feel good but the people who are protesting each and every day? They are always going to be a much different story.

    Bowser probably thought that she was going to be immune to the protests because of the little bread crumbs that she provided. It did not take long before she received the rudest of awakenings, literally. She’s made her bed and now it is time to lie down in it. This is the world that these leaders have helped to create.

    It’s not time to back down now. The same liberals who were all for the protests before are starting to lose their willingness to continue supporting. They probably thought that they were going to put an end to racial injustice by drawing some pretty pictures. As it turns out, the road to true equality will take a bit longer to travel than that.

    This is a lesson that was lost on Muriel Bowser. No one is going to be crying any tears for her anytime soon. She decided to buddy up to the protesters during a moment when the rest of the city needed something more from her than silly platitudes. Liberal mayors need to stop allowing their cities to burn but they cannot seem to help themselves. Oh well. You reap what you sow!



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