Terrorists in Aisle 5: BLM Hijacks Grocery Store in Seattle


    The Marxist-inspired organization Black Lives Matter (BLM) certainly knows how to outdo itself. There is no low too low that they won’t stoop to.

    BLM has quickly morphed from a supposed protest movement to a domestic terrorist organization.

    “Mostly peaceful protests” have been the absurd refrain chanted by the media defending the anarchy in America’s cities. The media often doesn’t report on events accurately, but their “reporting” on the violent rioters and looters is perhaps the most naked and obvious contradiction between rhetoric and reality – and the American people are taking notice.

    “FIERY PROTESTS” read one CNN chyron as a reporter in the field stood in front of an inferno of smashed up businesses and a car engulfed in flames.

    So when BLM protestors hijacked a Trader Joe’s in – yes, you guessed it – Seattle, the media was at the ready to twist themselves into a pretzel to paint the situation as anything but a violent and hypocritical.

    What was BLM’s excuse for hijacking the Seattle Trader Joe’s? BLM activists claimed to be protesting “lack of access to grocery stores” and explaining to patrons “how capitalism exploits the working class.”

    Let’s get this straight: BLM blocks access to a grocery store to protest “lack of access” to grocery stores. These people are pathetic.

    There is something funny about a white liberal college graduate with a B.A. in Cultural Studies “shutting down” a left-leaning grocery store that employs minorities for just north of minimum wage. Where is the justice in that? But if it’s like anything else that BLM touches, the definition of “justice” has been obliterated and turned inside out. It is a case of the strong canceling the weak.

    It looks as though BLM is self-destructing on its own accord. This is because socialism is a thoroughly poisonous ideology. Its track record is only one of failure, death, and collapse. Everywhere socialism takes root, the same scenario plays out: the hard left elites at the head of the movement attack the middle class and exploit the working class. And so it is at this Seattle Trader Joe’s takeover: affluent and educated (or should we say, half-educated) liberals are stomping on the necks of working-class $15 an hour cashiers and produce clerks with their jackboots of self-righteous outrage.

    The BLM terrorists and the radical left movement that they are apart of, claim to want diversity and freedom of expression. It turns out they only want their definition of it, which is a fluid and capricious definition that is made up anew every day and changes by the hour. Free speech, free press, and freedom of religion all die under socialism because of this intolerance for diverging opinions from the official state-sanctioned line. Dissenters get sent to gulags and concentration camps.

    Socialism is a form of slavery, but mental and physical. One is enslaved to thinking only “correct thinking” and punished severely for deviating. One is also enslaved physically, prevented from certain jobs (affirmative action and racially-based hiring practices) and physically attacked by socialist mobs, whether while at a restaurant, at church, or at your home.

    The BLM leftists at Trader Joe’s think they’re in the right. They have no idea how the world works. They claim Trader Joe’s is at fault for the horrible sin of gentrification (i.e., de-slumification). These are the same people who would rather widen bicycle lanes than solve poverty in Seattle.

    We know BLM is a bankrupt movement because they’re now down to protesting Trader Joe’s, which is a store that offers fresh produce and affordable prices. There are many real problems in the world, but these pseudo-liberators and Social Justice Warriors would rather shadowbox with a grocery store known for its eggplant sandwiches and Two-Buck Chuck. (A bottle of red wine for $2? That is the definition of “access” for all of the Welfare Queens on food stamps. You can’t get drunk for a better price than that).

    Counting down the hours until BLM hijacks a Starbucks next and smashes up its espresso machine.



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