OMG, Must See! Biden Awkwardly Plays “Despacito” To Ponder To Latinos


    The Latino polling numbers must really be worrisome to the Democrats. On Tuesday, Joe Biden left his basement bunker and actually went outside to do some campaigning. As his support from Latino voters continues to wane, he is left to wonder what comes next. He held a disaster round table in Tampa before heading to Kissimmee.

    In true Democrat fashion, the celebs were on hand to help Biden through it. Ricky Martin and Eva Longoria were on hand for the event because of course they were. Biden could not even be bothered to arrive on time for the speech, showing up roughly two hours late. Puerto Rican-American singer Luis Fonsi introduced him and the hilarity ensued from there.

    It’s like watching a Saturday Night Live sketch come to life. Did Biden have anything worthwhile to say to the crowd? Of course not. He played “Despacito” off his phone and hoped that this cultural reference would carry the day. Obviously, the presence of Fonsi played into this but that does not explain it away entirely.

    Hispanic Heritage Month is here and that means that you need to get ready for all of the pandering. Joe Biden is probably about two weeks away from getting on Instagram Live while wearing a sombrero and drinking a Modelo at this point. As some may know, “Despacito” translates to “slowly” and this is the perfect word for the one and only Sleepy Joe.

    After all, this is a man who is always going to move at his own pace. He’s a slow rider and maybe that is the next song that he should play when he is trying to pander to these voters. Maybe next time he will bring out George Lopez, too? All jokes aside, this is exactly why the Democrats are never going to be taken seriously.

    They all think that people are going to be impressed with their corny cultural references, which are merely a stand in for actual policies. Why would Biden give these folks some food for thought when he can simply play whatever song he thinks will generate some goodwill? It won’t be long before he is issuing all sorts of playlists like Barack Obama.

    These lists are sure to have some good sleepy time tunes on there, that is for sure. Sorry, we couldn’t resist. It’s just hard not to make jokes when Biden continues to make it this easy. If we did not know any better, we would swear that he wants us to make fun of him. Maybe that’s his plan for staying in the news cycle.

    We already know that he is not going to leave his house so this is how he manages to remain in the hearts of his voting bloc. Even Biden’s own supporters were not impressed by this horrific display. They could not come up with any excuse to defend him on this one. The tweets are so funny to read. The leftists have finally had enough and we cannot stop laughing at their outrage.

    This is the candidate that many of them wanted, whether they are willing to admit it now or not. Sanders was also in the mix but everyone knows that he never had a chance. Obama is not going to let the party turn away from the moderate politics that he and Biden know and love. Biden may want to convince leftists that he is their guy now but everyone should know better.

    These limp and ineffectual appearances are only going to dampen the level of enthusiasm that Biden has but he does not seem to know or care. This is is his Hillary moment and we are glad its finally arrived. He’s not going to be able to find a rapper or an athlete who will help him get out of this jam. Maybe he will need to engage with his voters in a real and meaningful way? Just a thought.



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