‘Money is the King In Everything’ Says Ballot Harvester Connected to Ilhan Omar


    Muslim Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar made headlines once again after an undercover video exposed her connection to ballot harvesting.

    The video, which was put out by Project Veritas, shows video of the ballot harvesters, bragging about “hustling” and how many ballots they were able to obtain from seniors and others hard up for money.

    The videos put out by Project Veritas were all centered around ballots sent to those in the Minneapolis Minnesota area for the upcoming November presidential election. According to one woman interviewed, there was an entire complex that was almost entirely filled with senior citizens, and the young, apparently Somali, men went door to door insisting that the seniors give them the untouched ballots.

    Project Veritas wrote,” Mohamed said he was collecting the ballots to help his brother win the city’s Aug. 11 special election for a vacant Ward 6 city council race–which was held the same day as the primary for Omar’s MN-05 congressional seat. Ward 6 is the heart of the city’s Somali community and Omar’s political base.”

    Omar, who is one of the first Muslims elected to the United States Congress has been avidly against the right in general, and President Donald Trump in particular. She has also made headlines for marginalizing the September 11th terrorist attacks, advocating for less “discrimination” against those coming from countries where terrorist groups are housed.

    James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas, said: “Ballot harvesting is real and it has become a big business. Our investigation into this ballot harvesting ring demonstrates clearly how these unscrupulous operators exploit the elderly and immigrant communities–and have turned the sacred ballot box into a commodities trading desk.”

    The Somali refugee, along with several other members of Congress, have worked tirelessly to minimize the work of Congressional Republicans. Those actions are understandable if the group was working on behalf of their constituents. However, the gang of change-agents have turned out to be more like a ball and chain to any Republican or even bipartisan effort in favor of American values.

    Omar specifically has come under fire, thanks to her not only progressive but illegal views on immigration and now, possibly voting. If Omar is found to be part of ballot harvesting, it is something that would be a direct undercut to what she claims to be her voice for the voiceless in Washington.

    On a broader platform, however, Americans have been concerned that mail-in voting could be an issue in deciding what will likely be a hard-fought presidential election.

    The president has made his concerns about the process of mail-in ballots known, as Democrats push for the policy ahead of the November election. According to Trump, there is a huge margin for error when it comes to ballots that go through multiple hands, and are potentially even sent to people ineligible to vote.

    Just weeks ago, Omar bragged about their coordinated effort to win re-election in Minnesota:

    “In Minnesota, we know that organized people will always beat organized money,” Omar tweeted on August 11.

    “Tonight, our movement didn’t just win. We earned a mandate for change. Despite outside efforts to defeat us, we once again broke turnout records.” In a continuation of her under-dog persona, the candidate who’s campaign personnel have been found to take the ballots from the elderly went on, “Despite the attacks, our support has only grown.”

    Omar went on to say that she believes the people, (the same people who she can’t seem to trust to vote for her) are the ones that this election is about:

    “This election isn’t about me. It’s about an agenda rooted in people’s everyday struggles–and the corporations and rightwing donors who are threatened by it.”


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