Missing Girl Rescued from Back of Semi at Border Checkpoint


    Democrats all over the country continually push for open borders as part of their attacks on America. They want to see people be able to come and go as they please across the southern and northern borders.

    The reasoning behind their flawed belief is that they feel that it is unfair that people fleeing their homeland cannot come and enjoy the benefits that real American citizens enjoy every day. It just drives them crazy, knowing that there are people living free.

    But none of these people crossing the border illegally have ever paid one dime in tax money that is used to fund and defend the freedoms that many have given their lives for.

    Democrats want to flood American with parasites that will suck the life out of people. They want to let the criminals and gang members flow over the border freely because they are pro-crime.

    But what they do not understand is that their sons and daughters will suffer the most. As the criminals move in, they will begin to take the girls and sell them into sex slavery. And the boys will become targets for gang expansion.

    Anarchy will set in, and chaos will rule every city and town across the country. These people really do not understand the end of what they are demanding.

    Proof of what will happen is seen every day and border checkpoints across the south. Border agents finding little girls stuffed like animals in crates heading off to Mexico to be sold into slavery. Set to be used as a sex toy for the slimy thugs that think they can buy people like pets. These are the people that the Democrats are trying to allow into the country.

    The border agents found and rescued one poor girl from the clutches of her capture when they discovered her body stuffed inside the truck’s back. She was over 400 miles from home. This means she had been missing for a long time.

    Her capture had taken her and was taking her back to Mexico, where she would never again see the light of freedom.

    It was near Laredo, Texas that the truck driver met his criminal end. The agents stated on social media that the “Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents continue to be diligent every day in protecting the safety of our citizens and preventing potential tragedy.” The rescue had to be salvation sounds to the girl taken from her home.

    The name of the victim has not been released because of the pending investigation. But the driver has been arrested. His identity is not being released yet.

    These kinds of terrible stories happen all of the time. Just a few days earlier, another woman was able to escape her prison in the truck’s back when she got the door open and leaped out of the end of the truck. This incident happened 400 miles of where the other girl was found.

    The second woman was trying to get away from three men that were taking her to be sold as a sex slave. Girls are disappearing all over the country because the Democrats will not allow ICE to do their job and fight the president with border security.

    After the second girl leaped from the truck, she reported that there was another one still on board. The police found the truck and rescued the third girl.

    The state of Texas is not taking these crimes lightly. They have trained medical professionals to watch for the signs of trafficking.

    When the victims are not truthful or wanting to reveal information because they are afraid of is identifiable. In 2019 alone, there were 1,000 cases of human trafficking. Of those 1,000 people, 900 of them were girls.

    President Trump is the law and order candidate. The best chance to stop these people from harming Americans is to have him as the president. He alone will secure the border and give the border agents what they need to combat and fight those that seek to harm others. He is the front-line of defense when it comes to the security of the country.



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