Left’s Foaming at Their Mouths Over Prospects of Eliminating Filibuster If Biden Wins


    When we first saw this story, our first instinct was a simple one. Biden is actually providing President Trump with the chance to paint him as the greater of two evils before the election takes place. He can tell voters that they need to cast their ballot for him and that the Democrats are officially out of excuses.

    If the filibuster is actually eliminated, the leftists would surely come for Biden quickly. All of the usual excuses that he gives them about not being able to enact policy because of procedural reasons will be gone. They want major progressive legislation and they want it now. Sweeping gun control, a Green New Deal, Medicare For All, all of the greatest hits would no longer be played.

    Why would they take this option away from themselves, though? By promising all of the aforementioned policies, they would win all of the votes that they need with ease. Of course, Americans would have to wake up from their permanent civic engagement coma and actually learn what a filibuster is first. It’s easy to see why they do not care at the moment.

    Maybe President Trump could provide a refresher course to those who slept through social studies class but we are not about to start holding our breath on that one. Senate procedure chats are not exactly his thing. However, this is something that he should be bringing up if he would like to give Biden something to sweat about. He’s not going to have much to say to this one.

    Biden will be forced to irritate the leftists by insisting that the filibuster will be taken away or he is going to be upsetting the centrists by saying that it will. It’s a lose/lose situation for him and Trump needs to hammer away at it. The Democrats are already behaving as if the election has been won. Insiders are going to be assembling a team that can pass all sorts of progressive agendas without much resistance.

    “Our goal is to lift the filibuster higher on progressives’ agendas in advance of November and help them make it clear to a future President Biden and Senate leadership that they expect and demand speedy Senate rules reform in 2021 and will not accept more gridlock, delays and excuses. We are going to be very focused on the need for speedy action,” says organizer Eli Zupnick.

    “If President Biden wants to get things done, he can’t play around with the filibuster. So I think that should be the first item of business with a Senate majority which is Democratic — to get rid of the filibuster,” Harry Reid told NBC News. The party’s heavy hitters are all doing whatever they can to get rid of the filibuster and even Obama is getting involved.

    At John Lewis’ funeral, the filibuster was referred to as a relic of the Jim Crow era. They probably won’t have the numbers to pull this off initially but it bears monitoring. The Democrats will be looking to flip every seat that is available, so they can gain a majority. Unfortunately for them, there are already two Democrats who have decided that they would not be in favor of this ultra aggressive tactic.

    It would be much tougher for them to gain a true majority than they are letting on at the moment. The Democrats would also lose out on one of their main excuses. They constantly tell their voters that they cannot pass the progressive legislation that they promise because the Republicans block it. Without a filibuster, that excuse goes right out the window.

    A world where Democrats are forced to take responsibility for their actions? It might be worth losing the filibuster just for that! All jokes aside, it would be nice to see politicians taking the time to show their cards on legislative issues. We have grown tired of watching each party essentially dare the other to kill their bills for them.



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