If Hillary and AOC Can Vote in Person, So Should You!


    With the general election right around the corner now, everyone is talking about voting. But it’s not who they will be voting for that dominates most of the conversations of late. It’s how they will be voting…

    As usual, there are several different ways to cast your ballot. Of course, there is the traditional in-person, at the polls option, mail-in voting for those older than 65 in most states, and absentee ballots for when you will not be in your home state or voting district at the time of the election.

    In the past, the first option was by far the most popular, giving people the age-old physical experience of voting with their peers. However, in recent months and due to the novel coronavirus pandemic that so abruptly seemed to attack our population, in-person voting has been touted as somewhat dangerous, if not wholly irresponsible by the political left.

    And so the other two options have been given much more consideration.

    However, as many Republicans have pointed out, there are severe problems with these methods and ones that will take much longer than just a few months to work out.

    But the Democrats are persistent that mail-in voting, by and large, is the best way to go.

    They have pushed this so much so that most states have, in fact, changed their voting laws this year, if only temporarily, to make mail-in/absentee voting more readily available to people everywhere. And Democratic leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been insistent that this needs to be the case on a federal level.

    Because you know, standing in line for a while as you do at the grocery store each week is highly dangerous and likely to start another outbreak of the dreaded virus.

    Meanwhile, not so “peaceful” protests – attended by the hundreds – high-profile funerals, and riots are deemed completely safe.

    I know it doesn’t exactly make much sense.

    Then again, neither does the fact that some of the most high-profile Democrats in the nation have recently announced that they will vote in person.

    Take New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example.
    The self-described democratic socialist tweeted out this past weekend, “I am voting early and in person. What’s your voting plan?”

    Now, as AOC is relatively young still and in good health, she likely has little to fear from attending the polls in person, even if she were to contract the novel disease. Plus, as one of the most liberal lawmakers in Congress, she tends to have a flair for both the dramatic and the rebellious, as in-person voting has recently been labeled.

    But it still begs the question of why? Why, after screaming about people being able to vote by mail en masse for so long, do you suddenly decide to do the opposite?

    Well, it’s probably for the same reason that Hillary Clinton just announced the same.

    In response to AOC’s tweet, Clinton said nearly the exact same thing.
    “I am voting early, in person, too. What’s your voting plan?

    Unlike AOC, Hillary isn’t youthful in the least, nor, as a longtime part of the establishment government, can we say that she is prone to any “rebellious” tendencies.

    So, pray tell, why are these Democratic elites going to the polls in person?
    I have a couple of ideas.

    One is that, as high-profile politicians, they simply want a photo op, one that they would miss, should they vote by mail, after all, this is what Biden did when he voted for the primaries in person last week in his home state of Delaware.

    However, it could be that the GOP’s allegations of fraud and logistical errors are, in fact, true. And, as such, these women want to make sure their vote is actually counted. After all, this is likely the most crucial election they have ever voted in.

    Then again, it could that these two, like most other Democrats, are of the mind that rules shouldn’t apply to them as they do to everyone else. You know, the whole ‘rules for thee, not for me’ mentality that politicians like Pelosi and Democratic NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio have?

    But like both Joe Biden and President Trump have stated, if leaders like this can do it, everyone should be able to.



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