Gun Sales Skyrocket as Election Draws Near


    The demonic Democrats have created an environment of fear as they push their cultic followers out into the streets to perform acts of violence. In every Democratically controlled city, rioters have destroyed, hurt, and even murdered innocent people just trying to make a living. As the election gets closer, their actions are becoming increasingly violent to the point that people are buying guns so they can defend themselves from their Democratic neighbors.

    The liberals have chosen not to pursue the gun rights controversy because their followers make a case for guns. People need to be able to protect themselves from others seeking to do them harm. The Second Amendment is one part of the Constitution that the Democrats would love to see disappear. As long as people have guns, the Democrats will never be able to fully take over the country and force people to do their bidding.

    The sale of guns has gone through the roof. The FBI has seen an increase in the number of background checks that they have to process. The growth has been 93 percent above average.

    The issue that is coming up between the candidates is not one of gun rights. It is about the right the defend one’s own family when the evil Democrats come knocking on the door. Antifa and BLM are nothing more than Democratic thugs marching around hurting people.

    The president has stated that he will “always uphold the right to self-defense, always uphold the Second Amendment.” He is a man who stands for freedom and protecting those rights guaranteed by the Republic’s founding documents.

    On the other hand, Biden has come out and stated that they would deliberately do away with the right to bear arms and even suppress free speech. They even want to limit the number and type of guns that people can buy. They believe that people do not have the right to protect themselves.

    The interesting fact that is coming out from the FBI is that states that are considered swing states in the election are seeing the most sales of guns in the country. Ken Mahoney is a political and financial analyst and CEO of Mahoney Asset Management. He has noticed that “The swing states will be pivotal to the result of this election. If the polls are anything to go by, it already looks tight, but Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are definitely ones to watch. These states had a margin of victory of less than 1% (sic) in 2016, so each campaign is sure to increase their focus on these areas over the next 41 days.”

    People love their guns. The ones that are against people owning guns are the people who want to commit acts of violence. And they cannot do the crime if there is a chance that they could get shot. These are the people that Biden and Harris fully support.

    Dan Rodimer is a candidate in the Nevada congressional race. He has noticed that “In Nevada, we are and have been a critical swing state in one of the fastest-growing states in the nation. Both Republicans and Democrats recognize this, which is why both sides are competing so vigorously here in the Silver State.”

    It is an all-out war this year for the survival of the country. The Democrats seek to destroy the country while the Republicans and the president are trying to save it.

    Joe Biden has already stated that he will make the country a socialist nation if he is elected. President Trump has promised to secure the country and continue to make it great. He has already proven that he is a man of his word. Biden has only proved that he is a man of corruption and lies.

    Americans need to know that their future president will stand up and protect their freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. President Trump is the one that is going to make that happen. Joe Biden is only saying words that people want to hear so that he can gain their votes. He will change his tune if he wins and do whatever he wants because he lies, cheats, and steals from people to make his life better.



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