Ghislaine Maxwells Book of Sex Secrets May Soon Be on Full Display Display


    Ghislaine Maxwell, the right-hand person to Jeffrey Epstein, is full of secrets we are all overly curious to learn about. As she sits in a jail cell under 24-hour surveillance, any documents the FBI was able to uncover are being raked through with a fined-tooth-comb.

    Epstein’s victims, for the most part, have reported how Maxwell had a dazzling personality when they were first confronted by her. She seemed trustworthy. She was pleasant. Her smile would light up a room.

    But underneath her facade, as they later discovered, Maxwell had a dark side. There was much more to this woman than anything of them initially expected. In reality, she was a pimp with ulterior motives. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    As one might expect, Maxwell pleaded not guilty to the vast array of charges brought against her. Obviously aware of how law enforcement was attempting to track her down, she moved about frequently and took care to hide or destroy any and all evidence that may have incriminated her.

    Attorneys in the Virgin Islands where Epstein owned his now-infamous private island, are fighting tooth and nail to have all FBI seized documents unsealed. Their motive is to sue the estate of the billionaire and known pedophile, and while in the process, bring Maxwell to the justice she rightfully deserves.

    The notes they really want are the result of a deposition from one of Epstein’s former sex-slaves, Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Giuffre is the same woman who has accused Prince Andrew of profusely sweating all over her on a dance floor before having his way with her. The order to do whatever the royal prince wanted, came from Maxwell.

    Attorney William Narwold wrote in a court filing, “In light of Epstein’s death in federal prison after the discovery in this action was taken, his direct testimony is unavailable. Thus, any testimony by or about Epstein in this action may be critical to the USVI’s (US Virgin Islands) law enforcement action.”

    Maxwell’s lawyers have been fighting notoriously to keep the documents under seal, and for a very good reason. They have to do with not only Epstein, but they also reveal details about Maxwell’s own sex life. Giuffre’s testimony reveals how she observed Maxwell, on many occasions, having sex with young girls, some of whom were only 15-years-old.

    During Giuffre’s sworn testimony in May of 2016, she was asked to give an account of any sexual activity she had seen Maxwell involved in, with her own two eyes. They needed first-hand reports in lieu of hearsay.

    Giuffre, not so candidly, replied, “There’s so many, I don’t know where you want me to start, There were blondes, there were brunettes, there were redheads. They were all beautiful girls. I would say the ages range from 15 to 21.”

    Based on her testimony it appears as though Maxwell was not only recruiting young girls for her boss, but also for her own sexual pleasure. Perhaps this explains why Maxwell was always so meticulous with the screening and recruiting process.

    Giuffre did not beat around the bush when she swore to the investigators how she was 100% certain she had seen Maxwell’s activities go down. Pun intended. Everything she had witnessed had happened on Epstein’s island, Little James Island, which he often referred to as “Little Jeff’s Island.”

    “The island was a place where orgies were a constant thing that took place,” Giuffre said. “And again, it’s impossible to know how many.”

    Though Maxwell’s attorneys have filed an emergency injunction to keep the FBI’s absconded documents sealed, the battle may just about be over as the Virgin Islands-based lawyers push forward with their request. It would also appear that because the illegal activities took place outside of the U.S.’s jurisdiction, the lawyers will more than likely win their case.


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