FBI Raids Home Of Biden Stumper For Soliciting Sex From Minors


    Even as the eyes of the nation are on potential sex traffickers Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has once again been pulled into suspicious icy grasp as one of his high profile supporters was raided on charges of soliciting sex from minors.

    According to the Daily Wire, Netflix star and “Biden surrogate” Jerry Harris’ home was raided by the FBI after he was accused of sexually abusing then 13-year-old twin brothers from Texas that appeared in the same Netflix series that brought Harris fame.

    CNN reports:

    “The lawsuit alleges that Harris ‘exploited his popularity and position of fame with young male cheer athletes’ in the time ‘leading up to, during, and following the distribution of the ‘Cheer’ docuseries.”

    The 21-year-old reportedly “exploited his popularity and position of fame with young male cheer athletes” during the time “leading up to, during, and following the distribution of the ‘Cheer’ docuseries.”

    Harris’ offenses were identified as including explicit messages exchanged with minors that were “sexual in nature” including the requests for “explicit” photographs from the minors. Harris also reportedly sent “sexually explicit photos and videos of himself to Plaintiffs,” the lawsuit stated according to CNN.

    “Harris’ messages were not limited to electronic harassment and abuse. Harris often attempted to make Plaintiffs meet Harris in secluded locations at various competitions, soliciting sexual conduct with these boys,” the lawsuit added.

    According to a spokesperson for Harris, the complaints are bogus:

    “We categorically dispute the claims made against Jerry Harris, which are alleged to have occurred when he was a teenager,” the spokesperson said. “We are confident that when the investigation is completed the true facts will be revealed.”

    Harris’ alleged escapades come at an incredibly inopportune time, especially considering his connection to the Biden/Harris campaign. Biden is part of a party that is getting massively bad press over the issues of child exploitation.

    Not only are those who support the party and its candidates under the limelight of accusation, but several of the candidates (and former party leaders) themselves have been implicated.

    Americans have not had time to forget when Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama sang Harvey Weinstein’s praises, just months before the story of his abuse became one of the biggest in the world, and the case of Jeffrey Epstein became the topic on everyone’s minds.

    In order to win in November, Biden needs to find a way to grab the 20% of voters in the middle who aren’t overly progressive but also don’t consider themselves to be conservative.

    He has the overly progressive left with his running mate, but his tax laws, stance on immigration, and general inability to remember his policies without cue cards has many people questioning his viability.

    Sadly for Biden’s presidential chances, it doesn’t take much to make the average Joe from Middle America want to stand up and punch someone’s lights out in the name of saving a child from abuse or sex trafficking.

    Biden needs to separate himself from all of that if he plans to win in November, and stunts like this, by those he’s chosen to speak his message, are hurting him in a big way. The headlines push him away from the #saveourchildren campaign and leave everyone who’s not so disgusted with the current administration they’d vote for a convicted murderer, wondering if Biden has been in politics so long he doesn’t remember what it’s like to not hang out with pedophiles.

    Maybe it’s true that Biden has never had any ill intention in his life, but if that’s the case it seems that he’s either fatally naive, or someone has something over him, keeping him from running the kind of campaign that he needs to win. It’s enough to make one wonder what’s worse.


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