Dems’ New Normal! Deputies Brutally Shot in La and Bystanders Cheer On


    A truly horrific scene unfolded in the city of Los Angeles over the weekend. Two sheriff’s deputies were ambushed by a shooter as they sat in their car. The video depicts a very short person (or a child) creeping up on the vehicle and firing several shots into both of the deputies’ heads. When an ambulance arrived to take them to St. Francis Hospital in Los Angeles, the scene devolved into pure mayhem.

    According to reports, Black Lives Matter protesters were waiting at the hospital and they were not bringing well wishes. “We hope the b—- dies!” they screamed, as they blocked the entry. After the shooting took place, these people showed the world what they really think. They uploaded all sorts of videos mocking and laughing at the wounded officers.

    As an officer bleeds out in the street, one young man is seen laughing at their plight. It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that no help was offered. Everyone just wanted to get a few laughs in at the officers’ expense. Protests are one thing but cheering on the attempted murder of these officers is quite another.

    This is why conservatives are trying their best to rally everyone to the polls. It’s time to vote as if our lives depend on it, because they do. If people are willing to shoot police deputies in cold blood, what is going to happen to police supporters once the Democrats are back in power? No wonder are people are absolutely terrified at the moment.

    The pure evil that is on display is hard to wrap our minds around. It’s not as if we are anti protests. Peaceful protests are an integral part of this country’s great history. However, we are well beyond peaceful at this point. Conservative residents of liberal cities are being forced to live in fear. They have been enduring violent riots for months on end and there is no relief in sight.

    President Trump has been blocked every step of the way, as these liberal leaders are not willing to accept his help. He’s offered to send in additional troops to assist local police who are overwhelmed. These mayors and governors thumb their noses at him, telling their voters that they do not need his help. It’s not like any of this is going to get better under Joe Biden, either.

    Decent Americans are being told that they need to stand in solidarity with the type of people who would commit a horrible crime like this one. They have to feel like they are living in some sort of alternate dimension. 2020 has been full of awfulness and this story is a prime example of it. How can people be expected to tolerate this much longer?

    Instead of being offered solutions, they are being told that Joe Biden is the magic wand that can cure all of these societal ills. He and Harris are going to be the ones to clean all of this up, you see. Biden may have been able to swing a few moderates over to his side with this choice but Harris seems anxious to shed her own “cop” label.

    She was telling anyone who would listen about her days in college, smoking the weed and listening to Tupac Shakur and Snoop Doggy Dogg. Of course, these claims were already proven to be false. Neither artist had even released an album while she was in college. This is her chance to claim that was actually listening to the demo tapes!

    Or, she can blame all of that weed that she surely was smoking for her foggy memory. Either way, these are not the folks who are going to care about the lives of innocent officers. They are both too busy pandering to whatever crowd that they have to impress that day to worry about such things. Pure evil is afoot and these ‘leaders’ are doing less than nothing.


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