Dems’ Hypocrisy! Cuomo Exposed on Leaked Audio Recording With Cohen


    Tucker Carlson has been a beacon of light to us for many years. He always provides the insights that we need during the moments when we need them the most. Now, he is delivering the goods when it comes to Chris Cuomo and we cannot stop laughing. Can you believe that this man was caught on tape confiding in someone that he should not have been?

    Michael Cohen is Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer and he has been in the news a lot over the past couple of years. This is the same lawyer who was convicted last year for lying directly to Congress. He’s probably not someone who we would want to be seen chatting it up with but that’s just us! Cuomo seems to be pretty aggrieved in the clip that Carlson shared.

    People were suggesting that he was unable to handle the accusations about the methods that he uses for getting with women. He was compared to Charlie Rose, which would rankle just about anyone. The thing is, why would you sit down with Michael Cohen of all people to complain about it? This feels like one of those things that you are better off keeping to yourself.

    “Guys calling and saying, I heard he was the Charlie Rose of ABC and he used to invite women to the hotel and open his bathrobe,” said Cuomo. “Do “I look like the kind of f—ing guy who’s gotta do that?” he asked. It’s a rhetorical question, we are sure. It’s doubtful that Cuomo would like the answer that we have to give.

    To be fair, there’s not a lot of evidence to support the idea that Cuomo is some sort of serial abuser. He tried to empathize with Cohen on the matter and it makes for a bizarre listen. If women are regularly complaining about your conduct at work, perhaps it is time to take a long, hard look in the mirror?

    “You know, we bumped into each other in the elevator and he put his hand on my shoulder and made me really uncomfortable,” Cuomo said. These interactions are what led to the complaints. Chris Cuomo should probably keep his hands to himself if he is trying to avoid these types of issues in the future. “The media is not your friend,” he complained and that’s the only part he was right about.

    The mainstream media is never going to look for nuance in these types of instances. Cuomo is the sort of person who is tailor made for salacious headlines. Did he really think that the media was going to come and ask him if it was okay for them to write their stories? No one is looking to help you when it comes to the mainstream media. It’s every person for themselves and everyone needs to know that.

    Cuomo really should have known better, in all aspects. He didn’t need to be touching women, whether his actions are considered to be appropriate or not. He only made matters even worse by sitting down to talk with Michael Cohen of all people about it. We would like to assume that he learned some sort of lesson from all of this but this is Chris Cuomo that we are talking about here.

    This is not a man that is happy to learn lessons. He insists on learning things the hard way. In that respect, he is every bit as dumb as his brother. The Cuomo family does not like to avoid the hard times. They swerve right into them and blame everyone else for the aftermath. Chris was not ready to take accountability here.

    He was more worried about his personal reputation than any of the women that he harassed. It does not matter if he thinks his actions are fine when his whiny demeanor says otherwise. Somewhere deep down, Cuomo knows that he is the one who is in the wrong.


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