Childish! Dem Senators Refuse to Meet Amy Coney Barrett


    Senator Mazie Hirono and Senator Richard Blumenthal have already drawn their lines in the sand. They are not going to be meeting with Amy Coney Barrett if they can possibly help it. These senators have made up their minds and they won’t be changing them. Allow us to go find our surprised faces real quick.

    The confirmation vote that is about to take place will not be a surprise to anyone, either. No one from either party is going to want to deviate from the rest. This is why Americans are beyond frustrated with the two-party system. It’s all a matter of time now anyway. Mitch McConnell already has all of the votes that he needs to push Barrett through.

    The Democrats cannot do much to stop this. They are expected to fill a certain role when it comes to advisory and consent and that’s about it. Any Democrat that does not wish to meet with Barrett does not have to do so. When Obama nominated Merrick Garland, Republicans weren’t exactly lining up around the block to meet with him either.

    Of course, there were two Republican senators who were willing to meet with Garland and they still paid a price for that decision. Sen. Ayotte and Sen. Kirk both lost their re-election bids after making his choice. At the time, Kirk said that she was not looking to put the nomination up for a vote but she was willing to meet with him as a personal courtesy.

    There is one major difference now. The Garland vote was never in the cards, while the Barrett will be happening for sure. Technically speaking, she will be confirmed and the Democrats do not even have to meet with her. It’s all a matter of mathematics at this point. Bare-knuckle politics have arrived and the Republicans know that they do not have much time before the election.

    Senator Hirono is not going to be voting in favor of the Barrett confirmation. This senator’s hyper-partisan voting record made that a given. She is also one of the Democrats who was grilling Brett Kavanaugh during his hearing. We are sure that she plans on asking similar questions of Barrett, at least from a combativeness standpoint.

    Hirono is also providing a Twitter thread that is supposed to provide an outline of her reasoning. The main talking points for the Democrats are simple. They are worried that she is going to take away the Affordable Health Care Act. Americans could be left without health insurance, especially since the Trump administration has yet to come up with a viable alternative.

    The Democrats are also frightened because they know that Barrett is not going to support their pro-choice posturing. She is pro-life and will not be swayed from that position. This is being referred to as an “ideological agenda” by Hirono. Senator Blumenthal posted a similar Twitter thread but there is no need to check it out. All of the same talking points from Hirono’s thread are covered.

    According to the Democrats, no conservative can possibly make the right decisions. They have to be replaced by liberals who will allow for more abortions and provide free health care to anyone who asks for it. The war on conservatives (particularly conservative women) is going to continue. The only new idea that Blumenthal had to add was focused on the “legitimacy” of the nomination.

    When the Democrats cannot win, they will simply decide to cheat everyone else. This process is going to be completed whether they like it or not. They are going to be fuming for the next few weeks and we expect all manner of crazy interviews. Senator Debbie Stabenow’s Fox News interview from this past Sunday was quite the treat. In the words of Senator Kennedy, “Sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.” We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.


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