Blacks of Michigan are Being Ignored by Biden


    With all that’s going on in this crazy country, presidential candidates need to be careful. They need to give the different demographics plenty of attention. And right now, Michigan is feeling a bit cheated by Biden – particularly some of the black communities.

    Saying and doing are two different things. Biden can’t simply say that he’s with the black communities. He has to actually be with them. This is the same candidate that said that “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him – and this has caused a number of black voters to turn away from him. He needs to show his love and support – yet he can’t seem to do that.

    One liberal documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore, has called Biden out for ignoring black voters in Michigan. He called the candidate out on a broadcast of “Weekends” on MSNBC. He says that every day, people complain that they can’t get yard signs.

    Yard signs. This is where the complaints are. Black communities want to have a sign in their yard that says they’re voting for Biden/Harris 2020. Yet, they don’t have any – and they’re blaming Biden for not being able to get them.

    Trump doesn’t have that issue – and for a number of reasons. If you drive down the streets of any Republican neighborhood, you’ll see Trump/Pence 2020 signs all over the yards. So, why is it that Trump can help his people but Biden can’t help his?

    It comes down to the lack of field houses that Biden’s campaign has. In every state, there are places where you can go to grab some Trump campaign gear. You can pick up some yard signs, by a MAGA hat, and show your support of Trump in a number of other ways.

    The Biden campaign tries to brush the idea away. They say that it’s the 21st Century, so they’re going digital. Well, that’s a problem because people are still obviously using yard signs – and the black community is feeling cheated.

    Michigan is one of those battleground states, too. Biden needs to be all over the black community to ensure they feel the love. Without love, they could be easily persuaded to vote for Trump. After all, at least Trump is providing yard signs to his voters.

    Hillary Clinton lost Michigan in 2016 by only two votes per precinct. And Biden could experience a similar loss – especially if he doesn’t realize that the Michigan black voters are feeling shortchanged at the moment. It’s a big risk for him to turn his back on them and still expect to get their vote in November.

    There’s another aspect that Michael Moore pointed out – Biden has only managed to visit Michigan once throughout his entire campaign trail. He visited two towns, both that are considered “white” – one in “downriver Detroit” and the other in Macomb County.

    The likelihood of Biden getting to the black communities of Michigan at this point are low. He’s too busy hiding in his basement. When he does manage to come out to give a speech or visit a city, it’s an embarrassment for not only the Democratic Party but for Americans as a whole. What comes out of his mouth is anyone’s guess at this point.

    The reality of it all is that Biden and his entire campaign feels that they have the black vote in the bag. They aren’t worried about the yard signs or hats. They’re just assuming that if people are black, they’ll vote for Biden. Meanwhile, Moore is dealing with calls on a daily basis where Black Dems want their yard sale signs.

    Who knows, if they don’t get their signs, they may give up and vote for the candidate with the signs – and the Trump field houses will happily supply them.


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