Watch the GOP’s View of America in Contrast To Biden’s Dystopia


    It’s not a huge stretch to say that the Democrats are all doom and gloom at the moment. They believe that we are living in some sort of post apocalyptic wasteland. That’s the message that they present at every possible turn. When the 2020 Republican National Convention kicked off, they were looking to offer Americans a much needed antidote to all of the sad sack talk.

    Mark and Patricia McCloskey, Rep. Jim Jordan, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Charlie Kirk, Donald Trump Jr. and Kim Klacik all offered up speeches yesterday. President Trump is also going to be making various appearances throughout the convention. The first night was absolutely outstanding, providing viewers with a much different look at America.

    The Democrats have been allowing their cities to fall into ruin, as looters and rioters now have run of things. Marxist lecturing has been offered up to anyone who doesn’t agree with the looting. For many Americans, the riots feel like a never ending nightmare that they have yet to wake up from. That’s what makes this convention such a breath of fresh air.

    To be an America is a blessing and many of our nation’s citizens are losing sight of that. In fairness, its been a very hard year. The average American has simply never experienced this sort of disruption to their daily existence. It’s not something that most of us are used to and even older citizens have never been through anything quite like this.

    Viewers were finally given the chance to sit down and enjoy a moment of civic pride. Throughout the course of this year, we have felt like America was under constant attack. While we expect that type of behavior from our enemies, it is sad to see it from our own citizens. The Democrats may believe that they are running away with the election because of their negativity but what happens when people tire of that message?

    Their main tactic during this election season has been blindingly simple: beat people over the head with messages about America’s lost prosperity. The only way to get back to that special place is by voting for them, you see. The president who was responsible for building the wonderful economy that we all enjoyed? He had nothing to do with any of the good times.

    That’s the message that they have to offer and the conservative side of the country is not nearly as enamored with it. Leftists may believe that they are about to enter some new utopia where there are no police officers of any kind but the GOP is having none of it. They are using this convention to remind Americans of how great this country is and how awesome it can be.

    Our hearts swelled with pride during last night’s proceedings. Sure, the leftists may have taken to social media to watch the convention and complain about it. That’s just what they do. We were wondering why they would watch it just to whine on social media but that’s what passes for political activism these days.

    The gloomy mindsets that the Democrats are currently encouraging are not going to lead the nation anywhere prosperous. That’s why we appreciate the GOP for continuing to put a more positive face on things. The career politicians that are trying to use the current state of affairs as a springboard to bigger and better things should be totally ashamed of themselves at the moment.

    They do not care one iota, though. As long as they are able to turn tragedies into opportunities, they are going to continue to behave like spoiled children. This year hasn’t gone their way, so they want the rest of America to follow their lead. They want everyone to pick up their ball and head home. However, America cannot fail as long as we continue to try our best. It’s a lesson that has been lost on the Democrats.


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