Watch Charlotte BLM Protesters Chant “F… Your Jesus” and Assault Street Preacher


    Black Lives Matter rioters in Charlotte are taking their demonstrations to a whole new level. This is the sort of behavior that will surprise even the most pessimistic reader. It’s one thing to protest police brutality and it’s quite another to start openly attacking peoples’ religious beliefs. It’s the type of clip that has to be seen to be believed.

    The protesters marched down the street chanting “f— your Jesus” and they weren’t done there. When the chant initially started, the crowd was saying “cops killed Jesus” but it didn’t take long for things to take a turn for the worst. The anti Christian protesters did not care whose feelings they hurt. The street preacher in this story got the worst of it.

    The Queen City Nerve is a local paper that has been tracking this story. “Protesters chanting ‘Cops killed Jesus’ then ‘Fuck your Jesus’ to drown out the chants of Sam, who’s been walking alongside protesters yelling over them with ‘Jesus Saves’ as he’s done all four nights. He just got covered with silly string after this video,” they tweeted.

    Sam is a local preacher who is obviously less than thrilled about all of the destruction. The attack on religion hardly seems necessary. We are not sure what these folks are trying to prove by bullying a street preacher who is not doing any harm to anyone. What does any of this behavior have to do with the protests that people are claiming mean so much to them?

    For every citizen who is exercising their right to protest, there is at least one more who is using the unrest as an excuse to engage in whatever illegal behavior tickles their fancy that day. Looking to set buildings on fire? No problem. If you live in a liberal city, the council members and mayors will be in the streets with you.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased number of attacks on religious beliefs. It all started when stores and restaurants were allowed to open their doors but churches were told that they had to remain closed. Local authorities were even having raids during church services. From there, it is somehow getting worse. Now, a street preacher is afraid to step outside and spread the Good Word.

    There’s nothing wrong with having your own religious beliefs. Some people choose not to be saved and that’s fine. To each their own, as they say. However, there is no excuse for treating an innocent preacher poorly. Sam has not done anything wrong and he’s not involved in any sort of police brutality. This is just a sanctioned form of bullying.

    To Sam’s credit, he has not allowed the violence to deter him. He’s been outside every night, letting the world know that Jesus saves. If people are not going to be allowed to gather at their local churches, Sam is going to bring the gospel to them. He’s a brave soul and we commend him for not allowing the crowds to intimidate him.

    It takes far more courage to step up and show your love for the Lord than it does to bully innocent people. These crowds are allowing themselves to get swept up in the blood lust that angry mobs are known to create. The leftists who are using these protests as an excuse to behave like sociopath criminals should take a moment to actually listen to the messages that Sam has to offer them.

    Who knows? They just might learn something in the process. These rioters may believe that they are on the right side of history but preachers like Sam are the true heroes. He knows that he is going to face a great deal of adversity every time he steps outside but that does not deter him. We could all stand to learn a lesson or two from this preacher. Sam is the definition of resilience.


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