The New BLM: Are You White or Black on the INSIDE?


    Black Lives Matter. Not all lives. Just black ones. But what if you’re black on the inside? Racism is based on the premise that you’re being discriminated against based on the color of your skin. What if you’re white, but you’re really black on the inside?

    One white BLM protester decides to jump down a slippery slope that they can’t recover from.

    A white lunatic protester screams at a black doctor, “You’re not black on the inside – I’m more black than you on the inside.” Oh, boy. How do you even go about disputing something like that?

    A first-generation African American doctor is, most certainly, black. Therefore, based on everything that Black Lives Matter stands for, she’s black. Her life matters. More importantly, her life matters because she is black.

    So, what is this white protester screaming about? Well, see, the black doctor is also a Trump supporter. Therefore, this doctor cannot possibly be REALLY black…or she’d be supporting Biden. Because that’s the only logical way to make sense of it all, right?

    The black doctor reminds the protester of something very important: “You’re white.” That should have ended the conversation right then and there. But it just goes to show that there’s no sanity left with the insane left.

    The black doctor, Stella Immanuel, found it all humorous as a protester claimed to be “her sister” and yelled that she was on the wrong side of history.

    Immanuel is one of several doctors who have come forward as “America’s Frontline Doctors” to call out a massive amount of disinformation being spread around the country regarding the coronavirus. The disinformation campaign is, according to the doctors, what is keeping businesses closed and schools closed.

    The video, which also included a pediatrician by the name of Dr. Robert Hamilton, claimed that children aren’t transmitting Covid-19 and it is safe for them to return to the classroom. He said, “we need to not act out of fear, but we need to act out of science.”

    The video was live-streamed by both Breitbart News and Facebook. However, after accumulating over 17 million views in just hours, it was censored and taken down. After all, the Dems don’t want anyone to know the truth.

    If that’s not the case, and the video wasn’t being censored, then why also have Donald Trump Jr’s Twitter account suspended for sharing clips of the video?

    Republican strategist Andrew Subarian said, “Big Tech is the biggest threat to free expression in America today & they’re continuing to engage in open election interference.”

    According to Twitter, the video violated Twitter rules by “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.” Hmmm. When did Twitter get doctors on their staff to determine what is and isn’t correct?

    The video had real, licensed doctors explaining the scare tactics being used. Dr. Hamilton, a reputable doctor in Santa Monica, has been treating kids for 36 years. He has children and grandchildren. He’s written books about caring for kids. When he talks, we should all listen. Why? Because he’s using science to back up his claim instead of media hysteria.

    The Dems are censoring what we have to say. And, they’re trying to use racism to shut us up. So, BLM protesters are no longer even focused on police brutality. They’re sticking their nose into anything that has to do with politics – including helping the Dems spread fear whenever they can.

    Black on the inside or outside, BLM is meant to divide. It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white or whether it’s on the inside or the outside. There are divisive actions happening around the country – and rather than comparing skin colors, it’s time to grasp the full reality of what’s happening. Censorship is heading to the extreme, and the Dems are looking to censor it all. For what reason? We should all be terrified…


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