The Dems’ New Normal: Wisconsin Armed Rioters Threaten Police and Residents With Rifles


    The Democrats have created an environment where armed rioters are more comfortable than ever before. If you needed any evidence to prove what we are saying, just take a look at what is going on in Kenosha right now. A shooting took place over the weekend, leaving an unarmed black resident in serious condition.

    Outrage was expected but the issues that are taking place right now are on a whole new level. Officers were confronted by citizens with rifles who were also blocking their vehicles from being able to move. The protesters even went so far as to taunt the officers, daring them to fire tear gas. In order to get the leftists to move, the officers had to fire smoke grenades or tear gas.

    We are not sure what weapon was used in this instance but it is easy to see why the officers felt threatened. They were essentially forced to make a difficult decision to save themselves from whatever these leftists had planned for them. The tweeter who took a picture of one of the protesters said it all.

    This man ran up on SWAT officers with a massive gun and its like he had some sort of death wish. If the officers had opened fire, what would the leftists be saying then? They’d be saying that the officers should have taken it easy on the protesters. From there, someone would chime in and say “acknowledging my privilege but…” and that would be all she wrote on that one.

    The rioters have not been letting up, either. The courthouse is on fire, multiple officers have been badly beaten and the city is in shambles. When these officers start resigning in record numbers, we do not want to hear any of the phony outrage. This is the same scene that played out in Minneapolis and we expect the same results.

    The town is going to talk about disbanding the police. The police are going to take offense to it and anyone who is close to retirement will simply walk away from the force. The nation is telling police officers that they are not needed anymore. These officers know that this is the furthest thing from the truth but they are not going to keep risking their lives to deal with militant leftists.

    These leftists are tearing the nation apart and they do not care. They may claim that they are acting from a place of empathy but that’s not true at all. This is simply not how folks with empathy behave. There is little to no consideration for the work that the police do every day. Instead, all cops are bad and they all need to be punished.

    This is the world that the Democrats want to live in. This is a party that is fine with being divisive. One of the best tricks that they have ever pulled is convincing their voters that the GOP is actually the divisive party. The officer who is responsible for the shooting is even being doxxed by the party of “empathy” and “unity”.

    The unity that they have to offer only goes as far as their own beliefs. If you are willing to believe the same things that they do, you’re in luck. They will be your best friends. If not? You are subjected to all manner of attacks, whether they are verbal or physical. Just ask anyone who has had the misfortune of wearing a MAGA hat in public.

    They will tell you how welcoming the Democratic voters truly are. Their problematic behavior is only going to continue. These folks feel emboldened by the rise of Biden in the polls. From the looks of it, they have all decided that he is going to win. You would think that the leftists would have learned their lesson about trusting the polls in 2016 but they are still allowing themselves to become very complacent. Good luck with that!


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