That’s Trump for You: Watch Trump Surprise Victim of Mob Violence (Video)


    The man that you are about to meet has had his whole life turned upside down by the rioters in Minnesota. While the rest of the nation has turned their backs on this state, President Trump is still doing everything in his power to show them that he cares. At a Minnesota rally, he gave the man one of the most wonderful gifts that he had ever received.

    KB Balla had spent his life savings opening a sports bar in the region and his entire life was turned upside down when the rioters burned it to the ground. He and his wife visited Mankato, so that they could see the president in person. The couple has four children and they immigrated from West Africa over 20 years ago.

    After all of the time and effort that they put into their establishment, the couple is going to be forced to start all over. KB did mention that he and his wife have received a number of donations, so its not like they have been without financial support entirely. At the end of the talk, President Trump let the man know that he was not alone.

    “Maybe we can help you out a bit,” said Trump. The comment received massive applause from the crowd. The rally attendees were glad to see the president stepping up to the plate. The Democrats may ignore stories like these but Trump faces them head on. We are anxious to see what is done to help KB and his family.

    These are the costs of allowing protests, the costs that the liberals are too scared to mention. It’s easy to sit at home where it’s nice and safe, doing tweets about “burning it all down”. You also have to make sure to add in a disclaimer about “acknowledging your privilege” because that’s the new phrase that the woke liberals love tossing around when they want to act like they know what’s going on in the world.

    In reality, all they know is social media and whatever the mainstream media decides to tell them. If the media tells them that they need to be terrified about Trump getting rid of the post office, that’s exactly what they do. They do not think for themselves and the issues that families like KB’s face are meaningless to them.

    Those who have been outside chanting “Black Lives Matter!” and rooting for the destruction of property are placing themselves in a very hypocritical position. If black lives matter to these people as much as they claim, why wouldn’t they care about the plight of a man like KB? His family is going to struggle now because of the actions of a few maniacs.

    But if you were to ask these maniacs? They would claim that they are torching courthouses to make a better life for KB and his family. This is the type of insanity that we are all being subjected to because the liberal leadership and mainstream media is not willing to tell it like it is. They are coddling the liberals and allowing them to believe that they are not the hypocrites that they really are.

    President Trump should continue to have as many rallies as it takes for people to get the point. If the Democrats would take the time to tune in, they would have a greater sense of the human toll that is being taken. The protests are not harmless and they should not be ignored. He’s one of the few people in power who is willing to raise awareness.

    Minnesota is already reaping the “benefits” of their new policies. The state is looking to disband their police forces but this is causing crime to rise. Sadly, stories like KB’s are probably even more common than the average person realizes. We just hope that they are able to receive the help that they need, so they can get back on their feet again.


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