Islamic Radical Joins Ranks With Biden Voters in NYC Riots, Stabs Police Officer


    Dzenan Camovic is a Muslim extremist radical who recently engaged in a terrible attack. The mass protests that are taking place in New York City are offering ample opportunity to those who wish to attack the police. Camovic lunged at a New York City police officer during these demonstrations, stabbing him in the neck from behind.

    This cowardly act took place during a very chaotic scene. In addition to the stabbing, two other officers from the NYPD suffered gunshot wounds. The three officers who were wounded all survived the attack. 22 shots were fired during the fracas and they are certainly lucky to be alive. Camovic was struck at least eight times.

    He’s from Bosnia and is a practicing Muslim. Reportedly, he yelled “Allahu Akbar” during the attacks. The NYPD and the FBI are now investigating the man, in hopes of uncovering potential ties to terrorist groups. When video was released of the incident, the extent of Camovic’s attack was laid painfully bare.

    He walked up behind the officer and stabbed him, without so much as a second thought. This man was clearly planning the attack and it probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that he’s an illegal alien. This man entered the country illegally. Now, innocent police officers are suffering because of this egregious oversight.

    The Justice Department will be bringing charges against the man for these crimes. His support for Islamic radical extremism is believed to be a primary motivating factor at the moment. The officers who were attacked were on anti looting patrol at the time and were not trying to fight with the crowd. All they wanted to do was protect the property in the area from being damaged.

    Security footage was found and that evidence is even more damning. Camovic can be seen stalking the officers on these recordings. One officer is clearly stabbed in the neck by this man and another was attacked before he had the chance to get away. When he first went back to the officer that he had already stabbed, he reached for his firearm.

    The responding officers were also attacked. One was shot in the hand as Camovic shouted “Allahu akbar,” which loosely translates into “God is great”. It’s not hard to tell who this man was supporting during these attacks. Biden voters are getting out of hand, to say the least. The liberal media has yet to truly discuss this horrific incident.

    If the tables were turned and this was a Republican voter who had behaved in this way, we would never hear the end of it. There is already speculation about who is responsible for funding these attacks. After all, this man can’t be the only illegal alien at these protests. Jobs are quite scarce at the moment, too. How are these folks getting their hands on these weapons?

    It’s a fair question and it fuels the speculation that there are liberal millionaires and billionaires who are footing the bill. George Soros could be involved and that would not be any sort of surprise to us. Whether these attackers are lone wolves or they are well funded, these attacks need to be stopped. Domestic terrorism of any kind cannot and will not be tolerated.

    Maybe the Department of Justice will be able to obtain further information about sleeper cells in the region? We can only hope. These types of radicals need to be rounded up before they have a chance to cause any more damages. Protests in liberal cities are now little more than an excuse for citizens like these to attack police officers.

    Camovic is going to regret his decision by the time this is all said and done. How can people continue to be so foolish? The authorities are always going to be able to catch up to folks who are this shortsighted. Our hearts go out to all of the officers affected by these attacks and we wish them a very speedy recovery.


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