Everyday Americans Tell Their Story How Trump’s Policies Have Changed Their Lives


    Day 2 of the Republican National Convention was filled with the type of poignant speeches that you are simply not going to get from the Democrats. American business owners and workers were given the chance to tell their stories. It was a welcome change from what we normally see at these political conventions. The grandstanding was finally put to the side for a minute.

    After all, it’s not every day that working class Americans are given the chance to tell their stories. Of course, the mainstream media does not want any part of that. When people are ready to praise Trump for what he has done, that’s when the mainstream media looks the other way. Their liberal viewership does not like to be told when they are wrong.

    They want the nation to be in smoldering ruin because they believe it enhances their chances of removing the current president from the White House. It’s telling that they do not believe that they can win the election without the country being destroyed. That also means that they need to silence stories like these.

    After the workers and business owners were given their chance to speak, Trump advisor Larry Kudlow came out to provide the audience with a closer look at the president’s economic record. This convention has gone off without a hitch, despite all of the doomsday predictions from all of the haters. They may have tried to silence the Republicans but this is one party that can’t be kept down.

    The Democrats might be banking on their “diversity” but this segment says it all. President Trump has helped a wide range of people from a number of different backgrounds. His competitors are more talk than action and the GOP knows it. There’s not much that they can say to take away the achievements that were on full display during the first two days of this convention.

    Trump had established the world’s greatest economy before the COVID-19 outbreak shuttered everything. He and the GOP are hoping that the collective national memory isn’t too short. To be fair, the quarantine period has moved very slowly and there has been a lot of news. We’ve been in varying stages of lock down since March but it feels like a whole year has passed already.

    The GOP is doing their best to jog everyone’s memories in the meantime but the end result remains to be seen. At the moment, it is looking like Biden and Harris have the lead but we all remember what the polls were saying the last time around. The liberals were very disappointed when they woke up on election day and they may experience that same letdown all over again.

    The Democrats want the country to remain in its current shape because that allows them to regain control. It’s the equivalent of being in the car with someone and not minding if they crash because you can loot their home while they’re unconscious. They won’t lift a finger to help the American people until they feel as if they are going to get their way.

    The childishness is at an all time high. These are the same Democrats who allowed the current unemployment benefits to lapse and refused to have an honest negotiation. One party was trying to help everyone right now, the other party was playing for November. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which party is which in this example.

    That’s what make this convention such a good watch. Seeing a political party that actually wants America to prosper is so bizarre nowadays. We had gotten so used to the nastiness of the Democratic convention, which was chock full of doom and gloom (as you would have expected). We can’t be too upset, though, all things considered. At least the GOP is here to provide hope and sanity to a nation that is desperately in need of both.


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