Biden Resurfaces Just Long Enough to Praise China, Slam the US


    Batty Joe Biden refuses to emerge from his cave as his cowardly complex graces campaign supporters on their computer screens. Biden is scared or at least is trying to appear humble, as he sits in his basement trying to run a campaign against the powerful and honest Donald Trump. Why anyone would turn up Biden’s mic is plain torture. The things that come out of his mouth are simply insulting to every person that loves America.

    Biden makes claims like the president is the first-ever racist leader American has ever seen. His statement alone makes him a racist man because he has a biased belief against the president. He is racist towards Republicans. President Trump is far from the racist person Biden makes him out to be. President Trump has freed the children that were left in the cages at the border and work very well with people of all kinds of cultural backgrounds.

    Biden fails to see that every person is human. That means there is one race, not many. The president works with people that love America and believe that working hard is the way to live in this country. Biden works with people that hate America and put themselves above all others. The mental insanity flowing out of Biden’s basement is the next showing of barroom comedy.

    Biden loves women and it clearly shows. At one point his lustrous mouth would claim that a nurse breathed into his nose “to get him going” and to give him life. First of all, any nurse sucking on Biden’s nose has serious issues. But maybe that is what Biden wants all along. His dementia is getting worse. And what makes everyone’s day is that the Democrats do not dispute any claims of dementia. They go along with the notion. Biden is not fit to be president.

    Biden’s tongue has betrayed all of America. He accused Americans of being stupid and racist. The crazy man’s pursuit of women has shifted to the Chinese side of the world as he favors them above his own country. China is a smoking gun waiting to fire its poisonous bullets into the heart of the United States. All they need is someone like Biden to be blind enough to trust them and let them in. He forgets that they are the ones that have released a deadly virus on the world.

    The very notion that Biden claims all Americans see Asians as the same is simply racist in itself. He sees Americans as the racist ones and is not afraid to call every person Asian haters. Biden maintains that people in America will take out their anger on any person that lives in Asia. He is the true picture of how all Democrats see and treat Americans.

    Biden is playing his voters. On one side he appears to love them and wants to do what they expect him to do in politics. But on the true side, he would rather kill them and support nations that hate America and want to rip off the nation. For someone that says Americans are racist and cannot tell the difference between two people from different countries is plan crazy. Well, Biden is going crazy, so it fits.

    Under all of Biden’s agonizing speeches is the fact that he supports communism instead of freedom. He wants socialism instead of free commerce. He would rather have people begging for him to feed them than let them work hard and build a prosperous future for themselves. King Biden is what they will call him. He would oppress with might while his fellow Democrats are off plotting how to get rid of him so they can be king. No Democrat ever wants to share power. They want it for themselves.

    Biden has for years supported the criminal and murderous ways of communist China. He is so blinded by his love for them that he cannot see the danger they pose to the rest of the world. Four years of Biden means Chinese rule in America.

    They will rip-off and exploit every American for all they are worth. To call all Americans racists is to distance himself from his voter base. Biden needs to stay in his cave and President Trump needs to take away his computer.


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